When to change filter media

Discussion in 'Nano Tanks' started by Alfonso, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Alfonso

    Alfonso New Member

    Hello going on 4 week my question is when do I change out the filter media in my 6 gal Nano tank?
  2. jay0705

    jay0705 Administrator Staff Member

    Honestly, very rarely. Your media is where alot of your bacteria live. The only thing i change is my bag of chemi pure blue and thats every 3-4 months
  3. Alfonso

    Alfonso New Member

  4. jay0705

    jay0705 Administrator Staff Member

    Iam guessing your using a hob filter? If so you can rinse the cartridges in sw to remove alot of the gunk
  5. mr. limpid

    mr. limpid Active Member

    does the filter media contain charcoal if so you will need to change it out depending on the amount of load on your tank (fish poo). Charcoal once full will start to release ammonia back into your tank, causing more issues.

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