Would love input on this set up

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Hi everyone, I am brand new to this forum and I am wondering if I can get your all‘s input :) I have been keeping Freshwater aquarium’s for a while but I am brand new to salt water. And though I am new to salt water, I wanna invest in a tank and equipment that will allow me to do more complex things like keep live corals. That in mind, I really have my heart set on an acrylic tank and the specifications really do need to be perfect given the space that I have in the piece of furniture that the tank will be on. I really like the idea of buying an all in one given that I don’t trust myself to select separate sumps, pumps, etc. I found this and the dimensions are perfect, it’s an acrylic tank, and appears to have the set up already all taken care of (drilled holes, filtration, etc.) would Someone be kind enough to take a look at the set up and tell me if it is fairly good? I like that the aquarium is already pre-fitted with a pump and protein skimmer, I don’t want to do anything that hangs on the back and I also really do want to limit equipment inside my tank. Thank you so much advance! In case it is useful, I also intend to use love rock for filtration in my tank.



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The set up seems nice. However it's a wet dry vs a sump. Iam not terribly familiar with them. Given a choice tho I would go sump. It gives you more up side. More water volume, various chambers, ect