Yellow Tang Acting Differently! Help!

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I’ve had a yellow tang for just about two months. Everyday since I’ve gotten him, he’s been swimming around so happily. Today, after I did my water change (15 gal), I realized that I hadn’t seen him swimming around. When I finally found him in the tank, he was swimming very slowly and kinda sideways at times, always at the bottoms of the tank. My fire and cleaner shrimp keep trying to hop on him, but he keeps shaking them off. Now he’s hiding. I don’t see any spots or fin damage. Does anyone know what could be happening and what I could do about it? I’m very nervous...

Tank Size: 75 Gal
Ammo: 0
Nitrite: 0



Staff member
Seems like something happened during the tank cleaning process. Can you provide some details about that? Also, do you age your water when you do water changes? This would ideally mean that you use RO water and salt that has been thoroughly mixed for at least 48 hours using a powerhead, and tested for temp, pH, salinity (using a refractometer) prior to changing out water from your tank.

Also, when doing tank maintence small changes or cleanings are always a lot safer thatn doing a big overahaul that results in disturbing the sandbed, rocks, large water changes, etc.