Yellow tang and clownfish drawing I did

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I was bored tonight and I used to like to sketch some drawings or whatever.. anyway I was looking at my tank and decided to see if I could skecth a fish of mine.. so I started w/ Nemo my clown and I think it turned out pretty good considering I haven't drawn anything in like 3-4 years I would guess.. so then I did the yellow tang
Thought some of you might like to see so here you go..
A clownfish and a yellow tang

If anyone else has drawn anything maybe you could share!


i can draw like a proffesinal the emporer angels that i draw are the bomb but i cant post a pick because my mom said her camera cant post pics


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Nice! My mother, dad and brother can draw great. Don't know what happened to me. I can't even draw a circle w/o making it look like an oval. No drawing skills whatsoever.


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the only thing i can draw decently are horses. but i do consider myself a master doodler. ive made some pretty cool pieces in my biology and geometry class. lol


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same here, 2 fridays ago in algebra I drew an awesome leprochan. I was drawing a clover on the desk, then I put the clover on a hat then bam I had a leprachan. My teacher wasn't happy, she thought it was pretty good lookin though.


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I used to airbrush, so it had a lot of detail. I wish I did it on paper so I could frame it, instead it probably got erased by some kid


I think airbrushing is SO cool, I wouldnt be able to do it because I erase and everything SO much when I draw..


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It cost about 500$ for a good set up. Usually when you mess up you just go over it. I wish I saved all the stuff I painted. It started out with -- car bodies, then expanded to paper
Ill contribute,
this is the first page of my travel journal to belize, study abroad...for coral reef restoration rehabilation......

Nice drawings everyone!
for fish I would take a picture and then use the image to draw from, other wise the little critters move all over and its hard to get a good proportions...
keep them comming!!!


amanda stacey

hey :) how you draw the yellow tang?? can you teach me? i have try many time to draw the yellow tang fish.but i can't.