Zoah folding backwards?

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So I recently bought a few frags,mostly zoahs and polyps.
One of the Zoah colonies seems to be folding its skirts completely backwards. I dipped all corals before they went into the tank. Im just curious if anyone has experienced this. All other frags are out and about and looking happy.


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Zoanthids will fold up and also fold out, depending on what they prefer at the time. I wouldn't worry about it unless you see them melting or simply disappearing overnight.
Well,as it turns out,the new zoanthid I bought had Zoa pox. To my surprise they have all started to rebound and are perked up. Looks like they are fighting it off all on there own. I'm guessing they were a trade in and my local LFS didn't really inspect them,which pisses me off. They still have white specs on them,but like I said,they are no longer umbrella shape and they are all perked up.