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Hammer Coral tentacles are slowly shrinking into the head day by day. All params normal, could it be the coral banded shrimp?
Is there any way I can email you a picture. I am dry worried and don’t know how make her better
Hi.Disable.Used under gravel filter for ages.Tried in 2010.No luck. Filter system worse.Recommend a system for fresh and salt tanks? Thanks!
Hello- I see that you have just purchased a bio cube 32. I too just purchased mine. I am a little confused with something and I was wondering if you might have an answer for it. I have the stand set up and the biocube is sitting on the stand. Now what do I do? There are a few cords attached to the tank but i'm not sure where they go or what I should do next. Any comments or suggestions would be really appreciated.
. First you need to put your biocube and stand near in a GFCI OUTLET. There is 2 cord . 1 is for the lights and 2nd is for the pump. You. will see the manual instruction how to set up your biocube 32.
I am reefkprZ couldn't remember my password new account Hi to all the people who remember me. and hello to those that have no clue who I am.
And if you want two word answers short to the point ask jay0705 haha..... welcome! This is a great place to find info on all your problems/situations you run into! Jk about jay, he has helped me thru more problems than I know! Very knowledgeable .....have fun and enjoy the hobby! Never a project, but a passion!
Thanx for following me. Feel free to ask questions in New Hobbyist. That's usually where I am at. Later
I saw your convo with jursey, well done and very helpful. You know your shit!!! Lol
Thanx Jay. As of right now,I just cant afford 100 gallon tanks,50 gallon sumps,rodi set ups...etc. I work with what I've got,but I have done research for years. It's my favorite hobby!
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