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    I had to help

    Hey, my biggest guy just would not hatch, and I know it had no yolk left so this morning I helped HER out. Definantly no yolk left. She seems to be cramped in the curled position. I'll Keep you posted. Sam looked at her, but no arguing or anything. Cat
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    eggs not hatching!!!!

    Hey, no the egg is fully intact, no overnight escapades into the tank or small cracks of him trying to open it. Got it moved to my 10 gallon QT. He's probably 6.5 inches- fully the egg length and wrapped with his tail over his head and back down again to his first dorsal. His pects are as wide...
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    eggs not hatching!!!!

    Should I worry about having to open his egg, is he lazy (he's so big I'm pretty sure it's a boy cuz every now & then when I check him he appears to have claspers...) and his 'gilling' has slowed quite a bit, and he isn't moving unless I bump his egg!!! Cat
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    Sharky questions, (or anyone, really)

    Hey, another dilemma. It looks like I'm having an unexpected move in 6 months. Will my sharks be okay in the 45 until then so I don't have to move a big tank, (hatchling size -> 5 month olds) then I'll get my 180/250 after. And it's a big move, how to move sharks on a 10 hour drive? I've...
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    Sharks and a trigger in a 100g

    I live in FL and it is illegal to release into the ocean. Bamboos are okay for a 150 cranium, but definantly don't mix the trigger in. Try something a little less. Now at my lfs our bamboo is in with a lion & a dogface puffer. All three are handfed animals, really cool, and no probs...
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    eggs not hatching!!!!

    Okay, the big guy is stubborn!! He has NO yolk sac left and he won't come out. Sharky help!!! His yolk's been gone for three days now. Not even a crumb size left. And the second egg is catching up fast!!! Cat
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    Eggs doing great

    For those who've been following along, here's my Christmas update, EGG ONE: Holy cow is he getting big!!! He is cramped in there, little tail is up his nose, pectoral fins are as wide as the egg, and yolk sac is blue berry sized, maybe he's shooting for a happy new year???? EGG TWO: He's the...
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    Sharky your expertise is needed.....all u other shark guru's check this too please

    I agree with sharky, percman... Say it loud, say it proud SHARKY, I OWN A SHARK!!!! Cat
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    Why I've been missing

    Hey, in winter haven (polk co) on cypress gardens blvd. Ask for Cathy...
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    Why I've been missing

    Hey, A lot has been going on. My lfs has been needing some help in their fish department for some time, so they asked me on as the store manager. To tell you my back ground.... My father built three pet stores, hence the fish experience, and the other **** , too. When he sold the last, after...
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    EGG(S) story

    Congrats Jake!! Wow, seems like we started a trend here... Anyway, day five (and it seems like month five ) All is great. Largest is slowing down in activity, but still active. I thing he's becoming used to my lighting schedule. Little guy has figured out a spot in the egg to hide where I...
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    rk00-bamboo info

    rk00, haven't heard any questions in a while , you still out there??? Hope all is well!! Cat
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    Queen Angel...?

    Queens are Holacanthus Ciliaris, Holacanthus Passer is a totally different fish. It's aka is the Passer Angel. BOTH ARE AWESOME!!! We have them at Discovery Cove. They both love munching hair algae from the lifeguard stands!!! LOL They also love the squid and silversides that the...
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    It's ALRIGHT now...

    To be honest, my LFS gave me a deal because I knew the distributor.... SSSHHHHH , I paid $13.20 and it ended up as two stuck together... But don't let it get out!!!! Average is $25-50 so DON'T expect to get it for my rate. I'm JUST EXTEMELY LUCKY!!! And, the snails, I...
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    EGG(S) story

    Day two, both still active Molly ignores them and turbo hasn't gone back. Just curious, sharky, with the big guy at 3-4 in, he has to curl his tail around a little in the egg, his yolk sac is about the size of a quarter, and I can see so much of him (eyes and bands) how much longer do you...