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    What did you major in?

    farmacy (replace "f" with "ph", is everything blocked on this site??), but still in school
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    What to feed?

    Hey guys, I have a nano with just clowns and a firefish and was wondering if I am feeding correctly. I only feed Rod's complete every other day. Is this alright, or should I mix it up some more? I have read a lot how you should mix up what you feed, but it seems that Rod's contains lots of...
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    What's a good brand of shotgun?

    +1 on Remington IMO the 870 pump is the best starter shotgun for the money
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    Can we finially stick a fork in it?

    ya, it really does suck how this has polluted baseball. In a very minimal way, I feel for A-Rod. This was supposed to be an anonymous testing. To put in perspective, its like your place of employment saying that they are going to just test all employees to see how many people use illicit drugs...
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    Got the camera out

    how long has this tank been set up?? Very beautiful!
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    Real quick question about Chemi-Pure Elite. I have read that a lot of people use it as filter media and was wondering if it is necessary to run a filter pad in addition to the chemi-pure bag? Also, the box says to flatten out but I have mine in a HOB filter and it just all kind of falls to the...
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    Snake's old 90 gallon

    one word..... amazing... no, seriously your aquascaping is phenomenal. really makes you appreciate a mature tank when you compare to where it started
  8. abrand! lol

    i really love your rock work, beautiful tank
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    Tank Upgrade, 29 Gallon Bow

    so what is your current stock list now?
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    My weight loss journal

    in my opinion trying to create habitual eating patterns is easiest when using some sort of plan such as Weight Watchers. The evidence is there that this stuff works because you can essentially eat anything you want but just have to sacrifice somewhere. Also you can find all the point values and...
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    20gal High Reef

    wow what a beautiful tank. Really love the rock work that you put together and the xenias growing on the back, WOW.
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    My fish is dead...

    I don't have answers but really sorry to hear about your loss! Did he live a good life?
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    Tagging- not just for thugs- I have been tagged ask me anything !

    my gf and I have considered moving to Texas (she has family in the Dallas area). She loves it and I have only been to South Padre. Question, do you love Texas and how fricken hot does it get?
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    First Fish Jumped

    thanks guys, I'll keep you posted on his status. So far he looks like he is struggling but still breathing!
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    First Fish Jumped

    Well I have read it a thousand times but never thought it would actually happen, but my firefish jumped this morning. I had over half of the top of the tank was covered but he found a way out. Luckily though it was while I was feeding this morning and I was paying attention. I would guess that...