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    Any soccer fans out there?

    I actually run an indoor soccer facility and love my job!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Favorite Bible Verse?

    I have a few favorites... Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16 1 Corinthians 13 the entire chapter I like the translation that uses Charity instead of Love.
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    your opinion of glass cages

    I recently bought a 95 gallon wide from them and am really happy with the tank!!! Their prices are great considering what prices we have around here. I picked up the tank in Arkansas for quite a bit less than it would have been in shipping, so all around I had a good expericnce. Hope you do...
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    East Texas anyone??

    Don't know if Im too late but PetZone in Shreveport is great!! The owner is really nice and they can order really nice things. There prices are also the cheapiest around!!
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    WTB 100+ Gallon Aquarium 250 miles surrounding the Dallas area

    I got to Carthage once a week would love to pickup a few thing if you have some I don't have any to trade right now i'm just stocking my tank!! Thanks
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    Parting 125 WHAT I HAVE LEFT

    Hi I am interested in buying one leather, the hammerhead, pink leather and if you have a protein skimmer I am looking for one of thoes. Could you email me a price with shipping to 71112 at please. Thanks
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    BEER Drinkers/H3LL raisers

    My husband and I are beer drinkers...him more so than I. He brews his own beer this year we have done a Nut brown, Irish Red, and a root beer. We tend to like the darker beers. It's really fun and alot cheaper than buying.
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    I thought cleaners were immune!!

    A buddy of mine (keeps his tank in a way that I very much disagree with) has a snowflake bought a large choc chip starfish. Well the eel decided he liked choc as much as we do... my experience is that the eel will eat anything he can and somethings that he physically should not be able to...
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    Plans for the weekend?

    I have a great job I manage an indoor soccer facitity and we have a tournament this weekend!!! I love going to work and getting to have fun while doing my work :cheer:
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    Strawberry crab with eggs

    I love those little critters!!!!! I have been searching for over a year trying to buy some. Can't wait to find some.
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    Clown Goby

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    Clown Goby

    Hi I'm new to the board and have a question about the clown goby. I have a 95 gallon tank and love the clown gobies, but have been told very negative things about them. Could I get a few peoples advice about them please!!! Thanks
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    Let me see those bad boys---Canon Rebel XT

    Lets see how this one looks.
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    Let me see those bad boys---Canon Rebel XT

    It's a great camera!!!! I have the digital one and love it!!!! I am new to the sie and having trouble posting pictures sorry. The camera is worth the money!!!
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    black and white clown?

    Hi I have a B&W clown and a GSM clown who have lived together happily for about two years. I know they are not really tank mates, but I really fell in LOVE with the B&W so I decided to try it. They did not get along at first for about two to three weeks then they decided they liked eachother...