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    Reactivating Charcoal

    Has anyone ever tried to reactivate active charcoal? I have done some searching and cant find much information, only that it is possible. If anyone has tried please let me know how and what chemicals are used.
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    Live rock that is now dead

    I use to have a 20 gallon tank with assorted corals and an aneome. I had to leave for about a month and of course everything eas dead when I returned. The cause of death was to much salinty due to evaporation. I lost probably 5 inches of water becuase no one was there to care for it. How should...
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    Live rock

    I use to have a 20 and a 29 gallon aqaurium but do to an emergency I had to leave my house and everything in the 20 gallon died. I now want to move the live rock to the 29 gallon. I have about 15 pounds of rock. THe question is how should I prepare the rock to put in my 29 gallon. THe 20...
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    Rock Anemones

    I have one in a 29 gallon reef. THey can still still other corals if they touch them. THe good thing about them is they hardly ever move, I have had one in the same place for 2 years. Im sure otheres will agree they dont move as much as other aneomes. THey are also better than other anoemes...
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    Starting a 30 gal tank a lil advice please!

    When i first started saltwater I was 12 years old, that was 16 years ago. Back then they LFS said i should use crushed coral and an undergravel filter to keep it cleaner. This was before most people use live sand and live rock. Anyway back then when i used crushed coral I could not keep my...
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    kenya tree won't open

    Just give it some time and Im sure it will be fine. Kenyas are very hardy. mine go through a phase about eveyr 4 weeks and will almost look like they are wilting and then they start dropping branches and after about a week they look better than ever
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    New mandarin and some other tank pics.

    Is that a flower pot coral , the kind of yellowish one? If so how long have u had it?
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    How to move a clam?

    Just curious what kind of light system do you have, what kind of clam and what size of tank. Also do you have any pictures?
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    How to move a clam?

    A clam should always be straight up even if it doesnt look as good. As far as moving the clam if it is attached to a rock then you would have to move the rock. If it is attached to something that can not be moved then the clam can not be moved. If you try unattaching it by pulling it will hurt...
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    Anyone love damsels?

    I have a blue fin which is about 4 inches, a yellow bellly with a blue body, a 3 and a 2 stripe and a clown fish. Clown fish rules all the fish ollowed by the blue fin which is twice his size
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    DT phytoplankton substitute?

    Currently I use DT's phtoplankton for my reef tank. I find this stuff to be very expensive at about 10 dollars a bottle at my LFS. My question is DTs the same thing as green water which is fed to rotifiers? Could I grow my own phytoplankton as green water or does anyone know how to grow...
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    Anyone love damsels?

    I started off my tank 2 years ago with 4 damsels in a 29 gallon. My plan was to get the tank established and then get new fish. After a while I began to become attached and couldnt get rid of them. Does anyone else have a tank full of damsels? I think they look great and are easy to care for...
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    hawk fish in a 20 gallon

    I have a bright yellow damsel in the 20 gall right now, do you think it would be ok? Also i might get rid of the damsel, what would be a colorful ish that could go with a long nose hawkfish in a 20 gallon? and also how many ish can i put in a 20, i figure 2 or 3.
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    hawk fish in a 20 gallon

    Could I do a flame hawk fish or a long nose hawk fish in a 20 gallo reef? THe tank is well established but is it big enough? I have also read they eat snails or small inverts, is that true? thanks for the info
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    Clam Mantle

    WHen I first got my clam it was under a 150 watt halide with a coralife bulb, the bulb was about 10 months old. THe clam is about 4 inches and its matle was about 3 inches wide across sticking out. I recnelty changed the bulb to a new 14k phoenix 150 watt and now the mantle is only about 1...