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    skilter or Lee's protein skimmer?

    No complaints with Berlin here, got what I payed for :)
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    Snails vs Snails

    (can't remember off top of head which) one can upright themselves when the fall and the other can't so they die unless they get flipped back over.
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    Worried about my Clown

    May just be sleeping.
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    hyposalinity ???

    mr. tang- your right. I was thinking of how a freshwater dip uses hyposalinity. My fault.
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    tank temp???

    Get a fan for the tank, get a/c for your room with the fish (recemmended), or get a chiller for the tank.
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    hyposalinity ???

    The point of hypo. salinity is to dip your fish into water that is more fresh than salt than what the fish is currently is. Use little water from the tank and the rest fresh and dip the fish for 2-15 (extreme for 15) minutes. Then place them in a hospital tank (or is a hospital tank what you...
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    bristle worms !!!!!!!!!!!

    Why get rid of them? They are safe until they get real big and then they are only a threat to corals. A wrasse will eat them. I have a neon dottyback goby that eats them. Arrow crabs also eat them, the following link is a pic of mine with a bristle worm...
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    prizm skimmer

    Your skimmer needs to go through the break in process. Turn the power down and allow it to run for about 2 days then crank it up.
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    Coral Banded Shrimp?

    O, ok, gotcha.
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    How do you become a SHARK??

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    # of arrow crabs together...

    Thanks for the quick response! Want to pick at least 1 up tomorrow if the lfs has 1.
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    # of arrow crabs together...

    Can more than 1 arrow crab be kept in a tank together or do they need to be solo? Food is not an issue, trust me.
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    Coral Banded Shrimp?

    Dustin has been to your house Jason?
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    Emperor Filter?

    I don't use the extra compartments either.
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    Got the Purple Tang

    How is the moveability between pages and sections on my site? I don't want to add more links on every page to get from 1 section to another but is it fairly easy and simple to get from page to page?