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    Fish Disease or New Tank Syndrome?

    CJ, I see in post number 12 you said the temp is 73... is that correct? If so it needs to be moved up to around 78... thats a huge stress on fish as well As far as your last post about the quarantine, get your temp right and salinity right then do what they call ghost feeding... add just a...
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    Electricity shure isnt fun

    I cant remember where to set the meter but you can check for voltage with a basic voltmeter
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    Why the Mantis Shrimp is so deadly

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    280g FOWLR Tank Diary

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kylev My PH in that tank usually test around 8.0. I check it a lot since I'm always doing w/c's. I do like the crushed coral idea, thanks 8.0 shouldnt be a problem at all, just wanted to throw it out there because it took me forever to figure out what to do with my...
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    280g FOWLR Tank Diary

    The only ammonia test i have heard that wont give false reading no matter what water treatment you use is the one made by Seachem... I use Prime as my water treatment and was told it can lead to false readings as well. As far as your ammonia spike, check the ph... From an earlier post it already...
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    help with cycling tank....

    Quote: Originally Posted by spanko Quote: Originally Posted by acrylic51 Quote: Originally Posted by BTLDreef Honestly, it's a common "statistical expression" for lack of a better way of explaining it. I am aware that this is the way tanks used to be cycled, but I for one would not condone it...
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    Suicide attempt by pink tube anemone

    anemones.... everywhere THEY want to be
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    Volitan Lion Behavior

    Quote: Originally Posted by sepulatian A volitans fins are long and flowing. It is very tempting to other fish, especially those with teeth. Once they start nipping, they won't stop at one bite. They shouldn't really be mixed. I know most things label lions as aggressive, but they really are...
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    Trouble Keeping Flame Angel

    it took me 3 coral beauties to get one to survive and i tried to flame angels twice.. the 2 coral beauties and the 2 flames all died in a week... The third coral was never sick, never a problem...i think its plain and simple, the quality of the fish
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    Volitan Lion Behavior

    Quote: Originally Posted by RCreations The problem is triggers like to bite the lions' fins and the lions aren't fast enough to avoid it. Keep an eye on the trigger, especially when it gets bigger. Will do
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    Volitan Lion Behavior

    Quote: Originally Posted by RCreations No, they don't move a whole lot, not compared to other fish. btw, it's not a good idea to mix triggers with lions in the same tank. The trigger will likely end up killing the lion. Thanks for the tip. Ive been keeping a close eye on the two... There was...
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    Volitan Lion Behavior

    New to the "aggressive" side of the hobby. Just set up a 55. Tank now has a Niger Trigger and a Volitan Lion. Im just wondering what is typical behavior for a lion. Are they a typically "lazy" fish that stays in one spot or do they constantly move? The one i just put in my tank moved quite a bit...
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    can i mix shrimps/cleaners???or no?

    i had a fire shrimp and cleaner shrimp in a 55. i added a coral banded (the one with long arms) and he was ok. shortly after i upgraded to a 120 and a few days later the coral banded was dead. i assume the cleaner killed him. they went at it a little in the 55.
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    How do you prefer your orange juice?

    vodka wasnt a choice so i cant vote
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    Trying to buy a new truck

    Originally Posted by Nordy You wouldn't that this would be difficult, but it is turning out to be. Went to Ford's website, got specs and MSRP on the vehicle I want, including options and color. Sent specs out to local dealers (4 close by) also contacted one through Ford's website. Was supposed...