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    ID this thing? (PIC)

    could it be a type of Dicoyota Algae? I know thats kinda slippery and always bright colored
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    whats the best salt to use for reef?

    Oh, and i forgot, ::cough cough, coralife sucks cough cough::
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    whats the best salt to use for reef?

    I used to use instant ocean but I have recently switched to the reef crystals just to see if its that muc hbetter. I really haven't noticed any real improvement.
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    Crystal Sea Salt Mix???

    Its a good salt for FO tanks but it lacks trace elements and calcium. Many of the tank services near me use it because it is cheap adn works well in the big FO set-ups the ymaintain.
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    OMG Everyone needs to see this ...

    BTW, I didn't look up the URL I used by trusty "Indo-Pacific Coral Reef Field Guide" by Gerald Allen and Roger Steene. This book rules for finding oddball species.
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    OMG Everyone needs to see this ...

    Its an Egg Cowrie species name "Ovula ovum" it reaches 7cm long. Thank you very much! Sorry your other pic was kinda blurry.
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    OMG Everyone needs to see this ...

    What wamp sent a picture of and beth described both sound like stomotella snails. They are snails with a very small shell for their body size and are quite common. I have a few in my tank but a friend of mine has a huge population of them. They eat alagae and seem to be somewhat like an astrea...
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    harlequin tusk 2 kinds which one

    Actually, there is only technically one species of Harlequin Tusk. The two varieties people talk of are where they are collected. The ones from Australia are hook-caught and are muchhardier for some reason and the Figi ones are caught using questional techniques. There is also a similar...
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    what can i get to keep my cc clean

    U probaly want a gravel siphon and do partial water changes once a week to keep your CC clean. IMO, CC is easy to clean with a siphon but this must be done oftenly.
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    Where do I get a Armored clean up Crew?

    I would say no clean-up crew could live in there. What you proabably want to do is get a set of those aquarium gloves as a little extra protection or, Get a piece of plexiglass and use it as a tank divider so you can clean one side of the tank and the Queen can be on the other side then switch it.
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    min. light for coraline?

    Really, any light with a good spectrum will grow coralline algae. It also depends on your pH, Alk. and Ca levels. Pretty muc hit has similar care as corals: good light, stable water qualtiy and good Ca levels.
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    OMG Everyone needs to see this ...

    Thanks Ren! If anyone else needs to ID fish or other hitch hikers send me a pic! I'm pretty good at IDing stuff.
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    Hey Ren!

    I just searched on google for it under"pearlfish" there are a few sites with info but there is also a kind of killiefish called a pearlfish. Yeah, theyre kinda gross in habit but, are really neat. Good luck!
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    Hey Ren!

    Well, hate to tell you your wrong but, its really a pearlfish or something like that. These little buggers have probably one of the grossest lifestyles of all animals. They live inside the body orifices of seacucumbers! Many seacucumbers are imported with these tiny fish inside them without...
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    Hey Ren!

    I was looking at your pics of your tank and saw your "mystery" hitchiker. I have a possible answer. First, two questions: Do you have any seacucumbers in your tank and, does it look like a clear fish or something else? I may have the answer if it looks like a fish! BTW, sweet tank!