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    WTB High-End, 48" T5 Fixture

    I have a 48" T5s Nova Extreme ssytem with bulbs...Excellent condition.
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    Looking for/WTB a 48" Current USA 6x54W Nova Extreme Pro T5 HO Fixture

    I have only 48" Nova Extreme (not Pro) with 4x54W. The unit is fairly new (only three mths used). Not sure if this is enough for what you needed..
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    Mod for Maxi-Jet 1200 $7.00 Shipped

    Thanks Slim.... I forgot about that. I don't think it will work. I recalled there was some Mod discussion on this and Remora was ruled out due to this fact. Thanks.
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    Mod for Maxi-Jet 1200 $7.00 Shipped

    I am interested... Can you send a link or any instructions on how to install this? I assume this also works on Remora Pro?
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    Brooklynella Treatment Question

    IMO, Formalin is toxic so dosing it right in the QT would pose risks to your fish while he is recovering from the bath (unless you have a second QT or prepare to have him back in the DT after bath). Not sure if I would recommend the second option since it may be difficult and/or more stressful...
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    Couple zoanthids frag packs

    I just want to say I received a Zoas frag pack and Rics from Flricordia and everything is good. The colors are amazing and the zoas look awesome. Well packaged, fast shipping and good communication! Definitely would buy/trade with him again in the future...Thanks!
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    my new tang

    Good luck! Originally Posted by coralreefer my food that i made is water based and it has a lot of protein in it. i froze it and i am feeding him tomorrow. wish me luck p.s. i ordered the selcon like two minutes ago
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    my new tang

    Yes. He eats too much sometimes (and getting too fat I think), I am thinking of cutting back his portion. Currently I feed him daily but maybe cuts back to once every other day . His diet is mainly nori and twice a week I treat him with home-made food. It is highly nutritious and you know...
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    What am I dealing with here??

    Yes. It looks exactly like when my clown had Brooklynella. See Beth's message regarding the article for treatment and follow it closely. Formalin is VERY effective for this disease (able to bring back my clown from near death) but you need to follow the dosage instructions carefully and treat...
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    my new tang

    Also try to make your own food using a simple mixer with fresh (or frozen) seafood (shrimps, scallops, clams, squids) and mix with Selcon or Zoecon, few drops of garlic and lots of Nori (seaweeds)... I would leave mixing the seaweed until the very end to avoid it getting too mashed up. Beth has...
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    Sick Clown Fish???

    I wouldn't worry too much about the clownfish bobbling up and down and/or stay at one spot. In general, clownfish tend to exhibit unusual swimming patterns/behaviors and usually are not swimming all over the tank constantly like others... Most of clownfish I see (including mine) does the same...
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    Couple zoanthids frag packs

    Hi - Do you have more available? Thx.
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    WTB 24" lighting

    pm sent
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    Alot of Frags For Sale/Trade

    I want to add Eagle Eyes $1 per polyp - Can I get 10 polyps? Please send me the total cost + shipping (to 85251). Thx.
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    Alot of Frags For Sale/Trade

    Hi - I am interested in the following 1. Purple/Blue with Green Skirt Zoas $2 per polyp 5 polyps - 5 polyps 2. Dragon Eyes and Morph Dragon Eyes Combo $1 per polyp - 20 polyps and possibly some others as well (if I can see pics)...How much is shipping costs to 85251? Thx.