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    Sending PM.
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    210 gallon reef ready

    What the.... Who is the person behind the tank??? LOL Did you know he was back there before you took the pic?? I must have looked at that like 5 times and did not notice the person in the background untill it was brought up in this post.. LOL
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    210 gallon reef ready

    WTF that creaps me out...
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    210 gallon reef ready

    That is a far cry from NY.. LOL but it might be worth the drive. Good luck.
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    210 gallon reef ready

    Where are you located at?
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    every thing goes (best offers) tank skimmer live rock sand ect

    How much for each of the powerheads? Also how much for the skimmer? Shipped to 14883?
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    selling a bunch of fish, tank and rock

    Yeah that is an awesome looking fish. A bit pricey for me though.. Good luck Jeremy
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    selling a bunch of fish, tank and rock

    What is the all blue fish in the middle of the tank on the last pic? Is that the Vlamingi Tang? Awesome looking fish.
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    White flea looking things..What are they? Please HELP.

    They are good. that is a sign that your tank is doing good. These are something that people have to buy to feed there mandarin or scooter blenny. They harm nothing. Jeremy
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    Parting out my tank

    What all do you have left?
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    Wanted 90gal with bottom drilled in roch, NY

    The 90 gallon and the 120 gallon are about the same size. The only different beeing that the 90 is 18" front to back and the 120 is 24" front to back. They are both 4' x 24' other than the front to back measurement. Can she really complain about the extra 6"? I really would not get a 90 when...
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    w.t.b. BRANCH live rock in NY

    Not sure where you are in NY but has some real nice rock and he is just outside of syracuse.. AWESOME people to deal with.. REAL cheap too. Jeremy
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    72" Hood and or Lights Needed. 90 gal, 265 gal for sale

    Can you send me pics of the 90? Where in upstate are you? I am real interested in the 90 depending on what we can come up with for a price... Let me know.. Jeremy