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    ok something is wrong

    Originally Posted by SnakeBlitz33 Stop dosing chemicals. Concentrate on the basics. X2
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    Got some nuisances! Here's my plan.....

    Flatworm Exit is a great product! I had a terrible infestation of flat worms myself. I nuked them several times before I realized what to do. The last time I doubled the suggested strength and then 4 days later I treated it again the same way. The first treatment will not get all of them -...
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    High Calcium, but no Corraline. How come??

    I believe lighting has a very large impact on coraline growth. I have to scrape the front of my tank at least once a week (the sides are basically a lost cause). I was having to do it every other day when I used to run my actinic lighting longer. It used to turn on at 6:15 am, run until about...
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    Powder Blue and Hippo Tang

    Tangs are pretty scrappy fish with others of their species. I would think a power blue should be in a larger aquarium than a 90, but I would think it will be fine. That is pretty close quarters for two tangs especially when one is established in the tank. It really depends on the individuals...
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    I'm looking for a new fish...

    I have to admit, I have always enjoyed the personality, looks, and constant activity offered by trigger fish. Get a real small one to start with and he shouldn't bother the other fish in my experience. They're your basic love/hate fish. Some aquarists love them while some hate them.
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    adding live rock

    Originally Posted by spanko Hey Brett, just a note. The SWF board doesn't allow posting of competitors sites. I suggest you edit out the one in your post. Thanks for the heads up...I know the policy and I completely understand and agree with it. I really didn't think of them as a competitor...
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    adding live rock

    Originally Posted by rtoycrow Well i have begun to start my 240 gallon and will be purchasing items along the way as i get money. I am going to be buying probably about 250 lbs of live rock pretty soon and i was wondering do i need to wait until i get sand before i add the live rock to the...
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    It looks like a worm similar to a featherduster. I have a wormrock that has about 25 worms living in it that look very similar to what you posted. They come in all colors - blue, whit, pink, red, green, etc... I had noticed several others around the tank that I had no idea what they were...
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    I had a big problem with flatworms in my reef aquarium - key word there is had. I used a product called Flatworm Control - I'm sure it's the same thing as Flatworm Exit, but by a different company. I siphoned the ones I could get at each day for a week straight, then I nuked them with the...
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    ACK!!! Help w/ID, my polyps are almost gone!!

    Look around for a decorator crab! I had the same problem myself. Found the little turd only inches away from the colony by pulling the whole rock out of the tank. He got up and started to walk away. I couldn't see him when he was right under my nose until he started to walk.
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    Here's an Interesting question/theory for EVERYONE!

    Never have smoked, never will.
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    fish or corals?

    Corals for sure! I had fish for quite some time and had some trouble with Ich. When I was getting rid of the Ich, I purchased some corals. My wife thinking the corals looked good and so did I. By the time I could put the fish back in the tank, I didn't care if they were there or not. I sold...
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    Yet ANOTHER dead cleaner!!! Help me out here!

    Originally Posted by paintballer768 Did the cleaner look attacked? Coral Banded is looking really suspecious to me... X2
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    stringy brown algae?

    There may be more phosphate in the water at your new location. A RO system alone will not remove much of the phosphate. You need a DI (Di-Ionizing) system along with the RO unit. This is the only way that I'm aware of to remove most of the phosphate.
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    HELP With my Auto Top Off

    Originally Posted by blackaero1 I think either one of the 2 options you posted would work to correct the problm. I will say I'm intrigued though as I want to make an ATO for my system very soon so I can stop putting 1 1/2 gallons of fresh water into my sump every day. I just use a float valve...