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    plankton and rotifers

    Has anyone had any luck with breeding starfish? I was thinking of trying it because I've had an OK amount of experience with clowns and even a few tangs (mainly zebrasoma) - but starfish seem to be in a whole different category from what I have seen. Still I think it would be interesting to get...
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    Light question help

    2 39w T5 HO + 40 GALLON breeder = No. If you were dealing with something in the neighborhood of even 3+ times the tanks size in wattage, then maybe.
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    Low-light clam?

    No. A clam could probably drain the calcium out of an 8 gallon tank in under 72 hours. Or at least deplete it a good deal. Even if the thing was the size of a peanut, it would in all likelihood still outgrow a tank that small in under 2-3 years. And it would probably only take that long because...
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    crocea clam

    It's still going. LOL.
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    crocea clam

    The technical answer it pretty long, so here is a short version. You know the little things on a most Tridacnas that look pimples? On the mantle? Eyes - or whatever. Iridocytes are made up of Iridosomal Platelets that form what is called the Iridophores and along with the hyaline make up the...
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    crocea clam

    NYCBob here has to be the luckiest person I've met when it comes to keeping Crocea clams. How are those monsters doing anyways Bob? I don't think that Croceas should be kept in tanks at all, period. I have seen some live for 2-4 years, but I have just been doing this for WAY to long and seen WAY...
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    Clam under my lights??

    I don't think MOST croceas should be kept in the aquarium industry, just at all. I say MOST because I have stumbled across some pretty unique ones over the last 6-7 months that seem to have lighting needs closer to Maximas or something. The verdict is still out on them because I haven't been...
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    clam sort of closed

    How long has the clam been in the tank? It looks like it has decent growth on the shell, but I can't tell how close the far side is to that rock or if the rock is touching the shell based on that picture. A clearer picture might help, but from what I can make out of the mantle along the scutes...
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    Breeding Clams

    I bred them. Been doing it for years.
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    Emerald crabs aren't compatable with clams?

    No - Emerald crabs should not be housed with clams. I have had luck with doing it, only if I made sure that the Emerald crab was a female and not a male. You might get pinched but, on the belly of the crab is what's called a girdle. Males have an elongated one that looks like a pencil while...
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    New Clam from is this a problem

    It looks like the bleached out area, well I don't know what that is to tell you the truth. It still has "vein" coloration running through that area and looks as if there is a hole at the top? I can't really make out the photo. Is that a hole at the top of the white patch? If it is, it might have...
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    You might want to consider nixing the hermits and shrimp off that list; and the sally light foot. At least until the clam has gotten big enough. Once it is big enough, just make sure to keep an eye on size. If anything with pinchers (claws) gets to within 3/4s the size of the clam, there is...
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    New 2 clams

    Originally Posted by spanko Cooll beans. Having any luck with them? Sorry scubajack, just a quick hijack here and than back to your clam. Yeah, I had luck with both of them. Both of them bred; but the tank for the tangs was NOT fun getting constructed - it's around 18 feet tall and about 6...
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    New 2 clams

    Thanks Spank, I got tied up in breeding fish and it was taking FOREVER. I was going after Blue-Spot Jawfish and Zebra Tangs.
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    What kind of clam is this?

    Looks like a maxima to me. There appear to be about 9-11 folds on the mantle and it should be fine where it is unless it falls or something else odd occurs. The only thing I would worry about is it gaping (the mouth being that far open). Hopefully it closes within a few days.