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    New stuff :)

    Nice new additions, I love to see people share pics.
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    I really don't want to scare new hobbyists with it, but... these photos were taken in the middle of cleaning my tank

    I am working on a small "push kart / trolley". I plan on hooking up my RO/DI I have a 15 gallon container for my saltwater mixing. I am also going to add a power strip going down the side so power heads and heater can be pluged in. I have started but haven't got around to finishing it. I am kind...
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    CPR bak pak 2 and it came with an accela pump

    will see how loud it is when night falls it dont sound too loud atm. I have a filter sock on the outlet to help with the micro bubbles, it seems quite with thar sock on.
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    CPR bak pak 2 and it came with an accela pump

    lol ya i figured u may pick that up! U got it on order or something? You'll dig it! I leave mine on 24/7 no real problems yet and ive had it for at least 6 months now! I found an add on Craig's L the individual started buying the equipment to convert his 75 gallon Fw to salt. He's fallen on...
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    CPR bak pak 2 and it came with an accela pump

    You I was tipeng I wonderd if that was the case.
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    CPR bak pak 2 and it came with an accela pump

    This is some good stuff guys thank you.
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    CPR bak pak 2 and it came with an accela pump

    I picked up a CPR bak pak 2 and it came with an accela pump. CPR used to recommend ether the maxi jet 1200 or a Rio pump, not sure what model but it don’t matter because I was not going with the Rio. My question is the accela pump better than the maxi jet and if so why? I’D like to get input...
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    Looks like a Mini Clear Anemone or something

    Thanks guys I have these and always wanted to know what they are. I could never get a good pic to post.
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    HOB refugium question

    I have a cpr hob and I dont use any sponges. I think that a sponge would hold up the flow of pods in to the Dt.
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    My Hermit Crabs are already streaking!

    Get empty shells asap, it might go after your snalis for the shell and a meal from the slug inside. I rather snalis over hermit crabs. In my experience no matter how many empty shells I had they would always go after the snails. I find that snails are more pruductive than hermits as they do a...
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    thank you marineland

    sorry for what happened to you, I hope you can recover from that. I know is to late but for others reading this... I suggest getting a smoke detector and place it near your tank. I have mine on the wall directly behind my tank, Could save your house or apartment.
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    mysis shrimp????????

    I have some that swim around in my refuge, I am sure I have em in the DT.
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    Reef Science Plankton

    I use the Reef nutrition line. Like others have stated dont overfeed or you could get in to truble with water quality. My advice is make sure you have low nutrient level and no undesirable algae otherwise what you feed your corals might be what turns your aquarium in to a green/ red jungle.
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    I have one purple firefish, a mandarin, Royal Gramma, two clowns, coral beauty angel and a yasha goby. No issues other than a the gramma and angelfish show off when in each others area of tank.
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    software for tracking parameters

    does anyone know of any software that I can use to track my water parameters . prefer a free one.