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    Any reefkeepers want to help me with BA research?

    Hey, all. Long story short, I am writing my bachelor's thesis on coral aquaculture and the communities that surround it. If anyone would be willing to answer a few questions or want to contribute some photos of their coral/share experiences, please PM me. I will happily explain more about the...
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    Wrasse for 40g Breeder

    Would a longfin fairy wrasse be a suitable option. Most sites I've seen have them listed as requiring 30-50 gallons. Even towards the upper end, a standard 50g has the same length as a 40 breeder. Also, are all wrasses alike in that they will eat bristleworms/flatworms/pyramidellid snails?
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    Wrasse for 40g Breeder

    Yeah my sixline was happy in my tank for about 2 years until he went missing one day. Found him behind the stand all dried up =[ After that I decided to build a lid of some sort. I guess my main question is about reef safe wrasses that would be happy in a 40g breeder. Is a 40 too small for a solar?
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    Wrasse for 40g Breeder

    Hey guys, so I am looking for a nice wrasse I can put in my 40g breeder. It's a mixed reef (zoas, LPS, SPS) with a pair of clowns, yellowtail damsel (may get rid of him soon for obvious aggression kicks up my sandbed which is just annoying), snails, and a cleaner shrimp. I had a...
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    LED Lighting Question

    Hey guys, so I currently have 2, 150w metal halides running over my 46g mixed reef right now. After reading up on the new LED systems, I'm thinking about making the switch. Do you guys think that the AquaticLife 36" 54w LED fixture will be better for my tank than the halides. I wouldn't want to...
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    Wrasse Compatibility

    Quick question about compatibility within the wrasse family. I currently have a sixline in my 46g mixed reef and would like to add a solar fairy wrasse to the tank. I figured since these are different enough in appearance it would be fine, but I wanted to check on here before making any moves...
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    Hammer Coral- Trouble?

    I think I'm just going to leave it alone and see how it does. The last thing I want to do is stress it any more than it already is. I'll try the VitaChem. Thank you!
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    Firefish: Why are they hiding

    How are water conditions? idk if that would cause them to hide, but they're a bit more delicate than clowns to water conditions.
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    Hammer Coral- Trouble?

    I can't really move it... it's epoxied into the rock... The clowns have stopped hosting it, though. There are a ton of smaller heads on it and they look fine since the clowns really loved to rub on the larger heads. Do you think since the clowns stopped hosting it there's a chance it will get...
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    Fuge - Deep Sand Bed, Live Rock, both or neither

    If you already have a DSB in your fuge I would leave it. The problem with DSB's is that if they are disturbed they can cause some problems with the anaerobic bacteria they contain. If it's working, why fix it? I would leave the DSB and live rock. Chaeto should be find with the sand and rock...
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    Finally starting to set up my reef tank and have already hit a snag :) Need advice

    If you're talking about setting up your skimmer so that it's basically a HOB skimmer on your sump then that'd be fine... It really doesn't matter if it's HOB or in the actual sump if it's still a good skimmer. Also, the way I have my sump/fuge set up is the first chamber is the intake(tube from...
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    Hammer Coral- Trouble?

    Here's a picture... The litle buds on the coral are new heads. Does it look ok? What should I do?
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    Firefish: Why are they hiding

    How long have they been in the tank? If they are new arrivals they're most likely just a bit scared as they are not used to their surroundings yet. When they feel more comfortable, they'll be out. I love firefish, they have great personalities and they should get along fine with the clowns.
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    Hammer Coral- Trouble?

    Hey guys, it's been a very long while since I've been on the boards... It feels good to be back! I've noticed that my hammer coral has been closed up lately. I thought this was really weird as all my other corals are doing great. I walked by the tank and noticed my clowns have finally taken...
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    Return Pump Broken- Need Replacement ASAP- What to do?

    I'll get a water change going right now, and yes, the powerheads are fine. Do you think the tank will be fine until one ships to me? I'll definitely expedite shipping, also should I go with the 642gph or 692?