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    Ever been to jail?

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    Monterey Aquarium 26-Pack

    wat ru talking about??^^
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    Yea, u can get a pendent, or u can buy a ballast cheap at a website, set up yer own hood, then get a bulb. I saw this place once that was selling ballasts for WAY lower prices than aquarium places, probably cuz aquarium places can ut a much bigger tag on em. The ballast works the same as...
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    I did not Know?

    O Bang Guy, thanx for clairfying that. My anemone split once after I moved it from the tank during my tanks reverse siphon problem. At the lfs it began to split, and wen I got home, its split was horrible. It died shortly after. Can they sometimes skrew up wen splitting so bad that theyll die...
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    What can I add ?

    Yes, longer and wider, lol. Same preference for guys with tanks as girls with...guys A longer, wide tank, not too tall, would be great. Taller tanks are more for like cichlids and freshwater fish, even seahorse, but most saltwaterfish like length the best. If u really wanted a nice one, ud grab...
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    tank additions

    Not too many fish like to eat cyano, in fact, pretty much none do. Maybe like a puffer fish, or a flame angel, but no other tirggers, There doesnt seem to be a lot of room, and u couldnt house them both for life, cuz they get very large. Maybe an eel? Or a toadfish, or an angler, or a...
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    wanting to swithc to a agressive tank

    Cartman101, first u say they "will" and now u "Guess". And fish can give another fish ich, a tang can give another fish ich. One sfe may chase around some fish, but another may not. Yer wrong yet again. And mhaines, u have way too many tangs in there. All the same shape tangs too. Im surprised u...
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    Yea, that first scene with the predators and aliens was barely enough to keep me satisfied. I didnt like how they got killed off so fast, but that one predator kicked some serious a$$. Yea, the alien moveis are great. They used to be scary to me, but now theyre just AWESOME!
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    Getting rid of a diamond goby

    Wat ru running on filtration? U shouldnt have a volitan in there anyway. Im upgrading to a 120 to house my volitan. He barely fits in my 55, he aint too happy. U cant house a volitan for life with as many tank mates as u have. Depending on his size, u shouldnt even GET a fuzzy dwarf, and also...
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    Top Reasons To Date A Paintball Player,...

    Originally posted by MorayM And they are desperately needed on all guns. Used to be a manager at Splathouse in Charlottesville, and I've seen more barrel plugs shot out of guns in the store than I can count. Hehe, THAT must be fun!
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    Is this skimmer an good?

    I wouldnt say that that should be the only filter on yer tank. Maybe another skimmer, cuz the skimmer isnt all that great. That combo is mroe for smaller tanks, like minireefs, as the filtration system all-in-one package. Ud be better off imo getting a sump, and adding in an insump skimmer and a...
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    ID plz, i think something had babies

    If yer not positive about sumthing, then u simply say "I THINK they need to find their shells". Not "They Defintiely dont," or sumthing like that. HERMIT crabs need shells buddy. Snails, as long as provided with calcium, will grow their own.
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    Who should i be mad at?

    Tizzo, yer world must be a great place.:joy:
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    Where do I??

    All Glass Aquarium, up yer ally there, make a 180, VERY large tank I must say. BUT.... Oreder it outta yer LFS if u can, or else ANY tank company will kill ya on the shipping. Prices will be a lil more on the LFS end cuz they have to pay shipping too, and I think u can ONLY buy one from an LFS...
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    question about my skimmer

    Is it a venturi? U should mess around with the flow dial on the intake for the filter, and then the venturi airtube to get the right amount of bubbles going. Once that, then you should be set. Show me a pic of the filter so I can tell u where these things are...:D