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    F U C K this c o c k sucking over moderated forum

    Title says it all....shove this [hr] over moderated fourm up yur moderated asses/
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    I got a fish....what the heck is it?

    Originally Posted by Memphis So what are you trying to say? ***) Yet more crap form a typical SWF forum c o c ksucker wanna be moderator . regulator
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    I got a fish....what the heck is it?

    Originally Posted by lion_crazz Also, just as a warning: Flaming or derogative posts will be deleted and can result in your own banning from the forums. This message board is a place to learn more yourself and teach newer hobbyists the knowledge that you have already gained. No one learns...
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    feeding seaweed sheets

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    res slime algae

    Light source or type is not a bona fide source of causing red slime algae Its from lack of flow, or excessive nutrients....its a bacteria so its not dependant on light sources to propagate and spread.
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    Now this was interesting

    Yea, clue us in. I know the lfs here doe snot get all that many customers in or at least not all that many to suport what it costs to operate the place, pay two or three emoployee wages, live inthe ultra high rent district, go on two weeks vacation to the bahamas 3x a year and spend the...
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    Clown Goby questions

    I have always read that two or more clown gobies no matter what color wil fight. That said, I have a 30 gal cube with 5 yellow clown gobies in it and no signs of any fighting. Also i that is a yellow watchman and a bi color blenny and all seem to get along just fine. The LFS here has lots of...
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    what do i do with formerly live rock?

    I reintroduced lived rock pieces that I acquired over 20+ years ago and was used as display pieces on a shelf and never seen water from the day it was harvested. It was rock acquired from the Gulf of Mexico which is more of a quartz looking substance and much harder than the typical fiji or...
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    not enough LR

    Well its more than enough as long as your only gong to do corals, but when you add other critters you need to have more. I go with 1.5# per gal at a minimum, and this is more or less the accepted norm. So in a 12 gal I would shoot for 18 to 20 pounds. Do not rely on frags of corals being on lr...
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    whats your tank temp?

    I try to keep mine at 81-82 deg and for many many years its not been a problem. I tend to view most folks keep their reef and FO tanks at too low of a temp anyhow. Just looking at the various online charts of reef temps of the world pretty well shows there is more reefs in the 80 to 84 deg...
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    Glueing Live rock