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    stuff you got from

    will be placing an order relatively soon and I'm curious to see how others made out. (i've never ordered livestock before) feel free to post experiences but most of all i want pics! Be sure to mention what it was you ordered and post a pic of what you got.
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    planning an order

    Now that it's finally warmed up i think it's about time i use my photo contest credit. i won $20 from the first contest and $60 from the 2008 one. Can you please explain to me how to use them and how much will come out of pocket? (order will be less than free shipping min) This is my first time...
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    SPS Success With Just T5s

    i have 2 montis under a tek light and both are doing well
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    2008 Photo Contest Instructions

    can't upload for group 7
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    My 55 Gallon Tank

    you can remove the bioballs, your LR and LS will take care of bio filtration. Make sure you have some kind of pad for dirt removal and a place to run carbon. Also if you can try and get some cheato in your sump with a little clip on light or something, this will compete with algea in your DT.
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    frogspawn and anemone

    frogspawn should be fine under PC's. You'll probably want to keep it higher though...
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    It's safe to have in a tank just don't let it grow all over or it will steal calcium from your corals.
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    what algae is this

    a small foxface is always worth a shot when it comes to algae.
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    Maroon Favia losing color- before and after photos

    I agree, looks a little washed out to me. Still replace the bulbs but try giving less light.
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    Best Long-Tentacle Coral?

    Torch coral!
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    How long does it take a candy cane to split?

    Keeping your water params in good shape is the best thing you can do. They grow pretty fast in relation to other LPS. Mine has definitely grown faster than my hammer and brain.
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    Growth picture

    the pics are gone, if u don't mind riposting I'd like to see them.
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    Cool picture

    I have that same hammer. I really like the white color as opposed to the standard green one. not everyday you see a healthy white coral.
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    algae on skeleton

    In my experience, yes. I have lost a candy cane frag to that before.(but i've also had one recover) only thing you can do is keep your water clean and hope the algae dies off. depending on the situation you may be able to get in there with a tooth brush. (just don't scrub flesh away)