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    Vote for save the coral reefs:) !

    I was on google and saw they were holding a competition for kids to draw the google logo and have it displayed for a day. I stumbled across this one done by a a student in k-3rd grade. How cute:) Vote! It's the one from region 10.
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    Best nano protein skimmer?

    Title says it all.. I've got a 29 gallon biocube, with the stock hood. Not looking to take the hood off or cut it to make things fit that shouldn't... What's my best option? Thanks
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    Grade A picasso turned into a F

    This was a baby picasso clownfish. I had him for at least a month
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    Grade A picasso turned into a F

    Couple days ago I found my ORA Grade A picasso stuck to the side of my powerfan. He was in very poor condition when I turned off the fan for him to get free... he went to a rock and stayed there till he passed away. I wonder what happened to him :( he was always energetic.
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    GE silicone reef safe?

    I have some GE 100% silicone laying around that I was going to use to fix a bad job on the inside of my nano. It's GE Premium Waterproof silicone 100% kitchen/bath/plumbing. Is it reef safe and everything? My nano has been up for months and I'd hate to have to take it down to repair a tiny leak...
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    29 gallon biocube leak on the top front ?

    My biocube leaked from the top left corner on the front of the glass a few weeks ago. It came out from under the black trim, and constantly ran down the front. I looked at the water level and I noticed it was a lot higher than usual, but the water meter read between tehe max and min. water...
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    is this a picasso ?

    Grade C at best not worth more than $45 IMHO.
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    Pic: my new purple LTA

    Thanks:) I thought my picasso wasn't a hoster either.. but he loves the lta.
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    Pic: my new purple LTA

    Yup lol. I Put him on the rock I wanted and he attached pretty instantly, then I moved the rock he was on from the top to the bottom of the tank and both clownfish stayed in the LTA while I moved the rock with an occasional nip at my hand. It's funny though, the false perc wouldn't let the...
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    Pic: my new purple LTA

    Just thought I'd post a picture of a purple LTA I pick up today. Combination of the PLTA with a picasso looks really neat. It's a little lighter in person but not too much. I'd say opened up it's easily got an 8" + diameter .
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    Hermit crab got owned.

    I wish I had a video of this, because it would make it so much better, but oh well. Today right before the lights came on a small hermit crab was in a branch of my frogspawn trying to molting its shell. Right as he walked out of his shell the light came on and he freaked out, knocking his shell...
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    Picasso Club

    Originally Posted by swimmer4uus I don't have a real good picture of him, but I have videos. Nice. How old is he?
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    Picasso Club

    Originally Posted by Mr.clownfish i think u got 2 different kinds of percula there, ur Picasso looks like a true perc and the other is a false perc. they will pair up but its gonna take a long time till they mate! good luck but clowns are unpredictable they might just mate in a month or two...
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    Picasso Club

    Share pictures of your picasso clownfish! Try to mention where they came from/the grade if you know.. Here's my Grade A from ORA. Just got him a couple days ago