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    Really Really Aggressive False Percs

    My bigger clown (female) always attacks my hand and seriously tries to draw blood. It leaves other fish alone so I dont worry about that.
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    call of duty live names

    Im addicted! Im on 360 as we speak. Eterna1 Spartan
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    lets see them Monti Cap

    Originally Posted by SpiderWoman I managed to kill this one with direct flow So your telling me there is such a thing as too much flow? I have a monti frag in a lot of flow and the polyps arent showing. Maybe I should move it a bit.
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    Help me get my zoas color back!

    Thanks for the help guys. I had them under a 14k 70W bulb and now they are under a 10k 150W bulb. Im changing my T5 actinics from the current-usa brand to the ATI blue plus so I get more blue. If not im gonna buy a pheonix 14k bulb. I will move them and give you guys an update in a week then.
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    Help me get my zoas color back!

    Thanks for the responses. I have one person saying more and another saying less. Anyone else?
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    Help me get my zoas color back!

    I bought these two months back and this is what they looked like at first. This is what they look like now. I really like how they looked when I first got them. Do you think they need more or less light? Does flow have anything to do with it? My fixture is a 150w 10k bulb with T5 actinics...
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    70W Metal Halide Sunpod (Union, NJ)

    Fixture is sold. Thanks for all the interest.
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    70W Metal Halide Sunpod (Union, NJ)

    Price is firm Willing to ship at buyers expense.
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    70W Metal Halide Sunpod (Union, NJ)

    Pm's replied. Need this sold to purchase my auto-op off!!!!!!!
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    70W Metal Halide Sunpod (Union, NJ)

    This fixture comes with the mounting legs and the glass top for the 12g aquapod if you need it. It is 16.5 inches long but the legs may be able to go another inch out. There are 4 blue and 4 white moonlights as well. The bulb is 14k and has a little over 7 months on it. Everything is in working...
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    HELP! Dropped 2 drops of paint in tank?

    I made the mistake of dropping saltwater test chemicals into my 12g. I did a 20% water change and ran carbon for a few days. Good luck.
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    CONSTANTNE's 12G Mixed Reef

    Well the damsel was fighting with the clowns so he went back to the fish store. The neon goby is so small I doubt he has a big bioload on the tank. So I have three fish and as long as your parameters are fine then its ok. Keep in mind I do a 2g water change a week so that helps a lot.
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    CONSTANTNE's 12G Mixed Reef

    Ricordia Tyree Ponape Birdsnest - still needs to color up
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    calfo overflow questions

    I'm building a 30 x 15 x 13 tank and need to decide on an overflow. What's the minimal size the calfo can be? Also, I don't mind it spanning across the length of the tank but rather not. What size and how many bulkheads would you suggest? Any other overflows that would be clean and look nice...
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    External overflow questions

    Thanks for the quick reply! Maybe if I had enough holes it would be similar to overflow teeth. I just dont know if they should be fully submerged or not. I just hate the look of an internal overflow but its still something I need to think about. I could definately drill the bottom since its...