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    Which dwarf angels are reef safe?

    They do spend a lot of time grazing on rockwork. I've got a coral beauty and I'm keeping my eye on him - but so far he's left all of my corals alone... Keeping my finger's crossed!
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    Sixline, Aggressive?

    Well, it's been over a month since the addition of my sixline. No problems whatsoever. He's been a great fish - hasn't bothered my firefish or other fish. He swims in the rockwork as well as out in the open. Perhaps I'm one of the lucky ones and he's not mean - or he's waiting for me to put...
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    Whos watches "lost"?

    Yeah --- it's a weird show. It's a good idea IMO, but I'm just waiting for the show to pic up and go -- it's like there's no point, no "clincher", no issue to keep you involved for the next show --- I keep watching it hoping that the next week will be better...
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    Any Oceanic salt in Michigan

    Try the Fish Doctors. They used to carry it...
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    Six line Wrasse and stocking question

    I wanted to get a sixline, but everyone said that it would attack my firefish. If you do get both of them, let me know how it works. :)
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    dark spot on belly of the shark(shark keepers)

    Uhh... you're both wrong. Not to hijack the thread - but it's spelled a-g-g-r-e-s-s-i-v-e.
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    Any michigan traders

    You've got mail!
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    Wanted 25-40 Gallon Tank

    Thanks, Docta, but I'm just searching around. I want to start a freshwater tank up - perhaps a discus tank or something... But not for sure right now. I'll check back in with you later if you still have it for sale. Thanks!
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    Any michigan traders

    How do we find out more info. Never been to a "frag swap" - could you elaborate a little?
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    Northwest Ohio - Lot's of good stuff for sale

    Do you have a pic of the 75 gallon? pearsons @ umich . edu Thanks!
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    Wanted 25-40 Gallon Tank

    How much for your 55? Are you selling just the tank, or the tank and lights, etc.?
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    Tell me alittle about Conch plz

    Don't worry - conchs are known for not moving! I love my conch, but he can bury himself for WEEKS and then come out and search for food. Conchs are also known for taking a bit longer to acclimate. Most people say that it's hard to tell if they're dead unless they don't move for days and you...
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    Fish jumping

    What are you trying to keep in?
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    Sandstorm help...

    Don't start over - it will get cloudy again. It can take a WEEK for the sand to settle. Be patient.:)
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    Refugium-display tank ratio