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    Shrimp goby pairs

    What shrimp and gobies are most likely to pair up. I like the diamond goby, is it common for them to form a pair?
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    Sea Pen?

    Can somebody tell me something about a "sea pen?" It is listed under anemones and it's beautiful, but I don't want to buy one w/o some info. Will they clown host? How difficult are they? Any input is appreciated. Thanks Dana
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    Where to start???

    The Nanocube is a good idea. I have a 7 gal bowfront AGA tank that I got on ---- for 15 dollars and I love it, but after having a hell of a time retrofitting lights and finding the right filter (I wouldn't even consider something without a biowheel especially if I wasn't going to do a skimmer)...
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    new tank

    I don't think that 40 to 50 lbs of live rock is enough to run a reef, if you are just using it to start a cycle it very much depends on the rock. The live parts of live rock start dieing as soon as you take them out of the water, so if you are using rock that has been shipped to you then you...
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    New tank shopping list!

    This is the best price on lights that I've seen, but I think they use strait pin bulbs and I have heard that the square ones are a higer quality. http://www.**************.com/produc...&N=2004+113176
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    Sold Out ?!?

    Anybody got any idea why SWF is sold out of everything? It's like the end of the world or something. It's Maddness!
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    Reef Fish with personality?

    Flame hawks are great. Good color. Always out front. easy to feed, and has been known to perch right on my hand and look at me like "when's lunch?"! Great fish
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    toadstool leather care

    I don't think it will matter much, I put my top off water directly into my tanks and it's always been OK. My toadstool receeds a little for a few minutes after the change, but come right back out. Just keep an eye on it and if he responds badly move him. Good Luck!
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    graduatinf from softies, starting some hard corals

    I have several LPS and I only check what you listed. I don't have a calcium reactor, either. I think a Cup or a galexia is a good place to start, but frogspawn and my long tenticle plate are my favorite, plus they can be (one could say "should be") spot fed.
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    They have a "comments" section of the ordering process. You could ask for delivery on a certain day, or have it held for pickup at the fed-ex location and pick it up at your leisure. Call fed-ex and get the address of the station nearest you and use that address (1800-go-fedex? - maybe) if you...
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    Sunday 12 pack

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    Sunday 12 pack

    Do you have any problem with the blue hippo and the yellow tan getting along? I have been considering getting a small yellow, but I don't want my hippo to get the kicked around. Which did you add first?
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    Escape2thewater.. i have a question about your hammer.

    I think coral vital is good a discouraging some algae. Check out
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    New Addition Questions

    You'll see a big improvement tomorrow, but it may take a week or more for him to really open up.
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    Sun coral

    A live sun polyp is orange and a dead one is white - in my experience. I didn't have good luck with this coral, but I have since leared more about them and I am trying to bring mine back from the edge of death. They look really bad when they are dieing -- just a calcified skeleton. They don't...