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    Ca reactor

    you can gravity feed or use a small pump
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    Your Favorite picture of your tank...(one please)

    my fav pic of deresa clam, it's huge now
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    ick from hell

    QT fish sounds like a good practice, I've heard many hobbists QT their fish for months before putting them in the display tank but I doubt it'd get rid of the ick for good. Not many of us invest a large enough QT tank due to our limited space, so larger fish usually end up stressing out in a...
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    don't mess with me

    I actually have a huge CBS that is close to 3yrs old living with a blood shrim, 2 cleaners, one carmel and a halerquin in 100g tank
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    Bi-color blenny eating GSP!

    it probably eats the algea built up on your GSP only
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    Help ICK

    If you own a reef, then you can't put any treatment in there even something that claims for reefsafe, better be safe than sorry. Most tangs are prone to ick. Stress free environment would help tangs become immune to ick. you have a 58g tank which is too small to get more than one tang in...
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    Orange tree Sponge

    sponges that you'd like to keep always end up dead, but ones that you careless about flourish as nothing could kill them. Enjoy while it lasts. It'd be getting skinny and eventually die because lack of food or algea built up on it. it would last a few months though. it's just my experience...
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    Derasa clam?

    It's possible to keep derasa clam under pc, just put it up high in the tank
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    My new Yellow Cup coral

    I hope your LFS didn't rip you off, looks like it's dyed. I've seen so many yellow cups at my LFS and they're all dyed. You'll see the result soon. Keep us posted
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    Toadstool shedding

    Don't worry, toadstool is the hardiest coral I've ever seen. Trust me, it'd be the one die last if any thing bad happened. It'll be fine soon.
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    Waht do you think?

    Originally posted by Rck-Star The bad news is I lost My Powder blue Tang :( About 2 weeks ago he cought some parasites and I treated him and he was doing fine. The owner of my local fish store ( and friend of mine took him in and put him in his medicated tank at his shop. He got...
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    ATTN all cleaner shrimp owners

    My blood shrimp enjoyed cleaning my fish more than my cleaners. The cleaners actually love meatty treats better
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    brown spots on sand?

    that's normal for a new tank. It'll go away as your tank matures. Snails are great to clean it up.
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    zapping aptaisia

    make a concentrated Turbo Calcium or Kawasser solution , then inject directly into it. It'll be a gonner for good. Do it several times if it's still alive
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    Lemonpeel Angel

    Mine bothers nothing but brain coral