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    Interesting crab ID...

    better pic but it may be a gorilla crab
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    Fish For Sale...Gone By Saturday

    Ok...I need these gone by Thursday. I am asking a fair price I think but offers or trades are welcome...Shipping from 12041... Bowder Brown Tang - $50 you name it he eats it Mated Pair of False Percs - $80 no eggs produced since in the last 2 months Pair Bangii Cardinals - $40 not sure if they...
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    Zoa's F/S

    Originally Posted by nwdyr Thank's Tb , And yes those are the three and there are like I said APPROX 300 all together. I just counted a small are then guess from there. Trust me if I am off its not by 100's or anything. And like I said they are selling right here on other threads for 1-2.00...
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    Zoa's F/S

    just trying to see exactly which ones they are couple different pics v/s colors
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    Zoa's F/S

    any other pics...doesn't look like 300 polyps...unless I am looking at the wrong rocks
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    LAST CHANCE DEAL (tonight only)

    can u send me a tracking # when you get time...
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    LAST CHANCE DEAL (tonight only)

    paypal sent
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    zoa frags

    I'll take #6 and the last one...shoot me a PM with the total via priority mail to 12041 make that #2 and #6...
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    FS: Organism zoas

    Originally Posted by Robdog696 Can I get a frag of that bubble algae? LOL
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    Your entrance theme

    DMX - Ruff Ryders Anthem
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    DO you remember WHEN?

    Swatch watch Break dancing to any music Skids (parachute pants) Walkmans
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    DO you remember WHEN?