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    My test kit always says 0 on nitrates, nitrites and ammonia...I think it lies...Im going to take some to the LFS tomorrow. I have a 29 biocube with a korrila 1 for added flow. Tha area probably has the slowest flow of the tank. Ill try to move the korilla and see if it helps.
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    Should I just pull it out...and if so how can I keep it from coming back?
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    I have noticed what started looking like red dust in one corner of the tank. It was there in the evening and gone in the morning. It didnt go away last night, infact it got worse...alot worse.It appears to have some bublles in it. Could somebody tell me what this is and what I possibly have done...
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    feather dusters

    My tank is 7 weeks peice of live rock appears to have some feather dusters growing on it...Is there any way to feed them to help them grow?
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    Ewie Ewie..Please ID!

    Definately a christmas tree worm
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    WOW feather duster question

    I just noticed some of these in my tank. Are they a good thing? My tank has been setup for 6 or 7 weeks now and I just added livestock about 6 days ago.
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    Finally after 6 weeks of waiting, we are cycled and ready to go. Thanks to all who have helped with the problems along the way...Here are some pics. I'll post more tomorrow after everything is opened up.
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    help please black spot

    no pics?? I can't get any to upload either!
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    ? Wii on Sony big screen

    those are what you need
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    ? Wii on Sony big screen

    yea, its 480i, you might try to adjust the brightness and sharpness...some tvs have diffrent settings on each input!!!
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    ? Wii on Sony big screen

    Do you have any hidef cable/satellite...if so how is the picture? Also you cant do 480p with composite and yellow....maybe they have an uprade with a component cable? The component cable will only output 480I but the colorstream connection will give you a much better picture!!
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    Hairlike Algae On Glass

    Thats what Ive been doing is cleaning more. Then yesterday the 10k bulb blew Oceanic said it will be ten days!!
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    Hairlike Algae On Glass

    Hello all, I have a 35 day old 29 BioCube. I have recently noticed brownish colored hairlike algae on the glass. My ammonia is 0, nitrates 0,nitrites 0 and ph is 8.0-8.2 not real sure about the color there. I took some pictures thinking it would help with an ID, but there not so good. Any...
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    New Biocube 29

    I have noticed some small green bubbles on my live rock. I think they are bubble algae. Any suggestions on what to do with them?
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    Looks like I need an RO unit ??

    I buy mine at the local grocery store for 39 cents. Havent had any problems and they replaced the filters in December.