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    what do you wash your hands with?

    warm saltwater and a scrub brush prior to working in the tank. antibacterial soap afterwards.
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    Are bristleworms harmful to coral/anemone?

    they sure ate the heck out of my blueberry gorgonia. they have also uprooted my zoa frags badly. i overfeed so this is why they replicate by the second.
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    What was the longest you've gone without doing a water change?

    2 months I just top off and add aqualife complete and trace mins and tropical science bacteria. cycle feeding of my hard corals to 5 days on and 2 days off. this is with exception to my flowerpot which gets oyster eggs daily no matter what. i also watch the filter pretty closely.
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    Grey Coraline Algae?

    did you recently have water quality problems such as nitrate/-ite/ammonia spikes? have you taken the rocks with coralline out of the water? what about 50% water changes? that's the only things that have caused my coralline to change to gray. good thing is that in a few weeks it will turn purple...
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    Aptasia Eaters

    I found a large aiptasia and was unable to get to the LFS to get joes juice for several days. I don't know how I missed it this long, but it was at an angle and must have just missed it. Was afraid of it stinging my chalice so I put a good bit of reef putty all over it and stuck a rock on it...
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    how to attatch frags

    That's what I do. I take a chunk of rock that I'll be putting the frag on and superglue the zoos directly to the rock. I wouldn't worry, zoos are hardy and it won't kill them to touch the superglue. I would kind of shake the zoos a little while they're under water to make sure they close up...
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    Blue Tree Gorgonian

    I seem to have a penchant for selecting "difficult to keep" corals. I'm probably one of the worst of this board for impulse buying, but in my defense, all the difficult things seem to be thriving and growing in my reef tank. As to your question, I'm certainly not the most qualified to answer...
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    Transfer bubble coral okay?

    That's what I was afraid of... Thanks very much for the help!
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    Transfer bubble coral okay?

    yeah, that's what I'm concerned about too. I was also thinking about somehow grinding the rocks around it down too. Not a lot of room in our tank to move the existing surrounding rocks either.
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    Transfer bubble coral okay?

    I have a bubble coral which it was attached on when I bought it. I'd like to place it directly on another rock instead so that it can be the centerpiece of my tank. The problem is that the rock its on already can't very well be put directly on top of the rock where I want it. Is there any way to...
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    Does anyone have any Reef-safe Invert Suggestions?

    I like peppermint shrimp the best usually, but I've had a few of them guilty of eating/picking at some soft corals like my flowerpot. I had some emerald crabs but they kept uprooting my zoa colonies trying to get to to algae or something. I kept them until they caused a reef collapse. I have an...
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    I think I messed up

    Tiff, I know what you mean. Everyone I read talking about gonioporas talks about how they all die within a short period of time. I've had quite the opposite experience. I've had my goniopora for the last 2 months which is not very long at all, but from all accounts, including wet web media, if...
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    Very confused about lighting...HELP plz!

    thanks for the reply! Yeah, I'm with you on this one. the corals are looking great and I'd rather not upgrade. With everyone going metal halide and t5 it had me questioning if I had sufficient lighting. I'll leave it as is and see what happens! Thanks for the good advice!
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    Very confused about lighting...HELP plz!

    All right, get ready to laugh at me. All I know about electricity is that you plug things in but not your fingers. Seriously. I have no clue about all this T5, metal halide, terminology or even how to go forward with upgrading. But I've been trying to read up on all this stuff. I have a 5 year...
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    Scopus' 1st Humble Attempt at a Frag Tank

    Awesome frag tank! When will these items be available for sale?