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    Computer Wizards On Audio!!

    Sound Companion is all you need. It will record and sound that passes through your sound card. You can then save as .wav or .mp3
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    Do You Like Rap?

    I really do not listen to rap or hip hop no more, because it really is not what is was long ago like others have said. Poeple today dn't even know the roots of rap like the elments, Hip-Hop, break dancing, graffitti, now thats what it was all about! Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh type stuff! Run...
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    Democrat or Republican?

    Originally Posted by Stone This type of topic has messed up so many message boards. I know, I know I dont have to read it. I just think any one who starts threads like this on a fish, car, computer fourm justs wants to start trouble. Look we all have SALT WATER FISH TANKS and computers...
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    Democrat or Republican?

    Originally Posted by Jer4916 To whom asked what my degree's are in Bach in Theology, Masters/Doctorate in Divinity. Working on my DMIN (Doctorate of the Ministry.) As looked further I saw this. WOW, you are studying to be minister. That is a shame. Your actions in words go against the Bible or...
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    Democrat or Republican?

    Originally Posted by Jer4916 I’m a 21 year old who is working on his second doctorate. :) I would be considered a childhood genius, and yes I would blow MY hard earned money on whatever I want. So should you. Your money is yours, for what ever you want to spend it on, smart or dumb. With a...
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    Vacation ideas

    Visit Milwaukee!!!
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    Protein skimmer ????bubbles? seaclone 100

    Yup the Seaclone 100 does do that. The advice given above is pretty good and correct. Anytime you add any aditive or while feeding, turn your skimmer off for about an hour. Some people may not agreee with this but trust me it works. After an hour turn it back on and you willl be fine. Might need...
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    Bar B Q

    Where do you go? Whats your favorite sauce? In Milwaukee I love Famous Daves 1st the SpeedQueen!! Love me some Bar B Q. Love it so much I had to by myself a Smoker to smoke my own meat!!
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    meat of the gods...

    Originally posted by AutoPilot I love bacon. My GF hates it (i think its cuase he used to live on a pig farm) so she gives me her bacon when iits on a sandwich so I get double :joy: My GF hates it = think its cuase he used to I like bacon but I like other parts of the pig. Like ribs, roast...
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    cheese heads, stand up and be counted. MN folks too

    Milwaukee!! Hay Cumberland has a nice Native American drum group called Cumberland Singers. That is near LCO correct?
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    Native Americans

    In Native American culture it can be lost, or more like removed, by european culture
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    reality tv

    I don't even have a chair in front of my monitor. I come check what I have to check and walk a way I work on computers as my job and just don't have enough time to stay sitting So according to my wife, my but is nice:happy:
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    reality tv

    TV as a whole is pretty stupid!! There are some good show. Just watching movies is good enough! You know people are getting fatter by watching to much TV
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    plasma tv

    Do your research and do not listen to anyone until you hav eheard it from the pro's. TV goes beyong Plasma, LCD, DLP! Search Plasme vs. LCD LCD vs DLP Eventually you will learn about all the different options. DLP from Texas Instruments is moving forward greatly!! For me I would never buy...
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    Moving to Wisconson

    Liontamer Maybe you have never been to Milwaukee! We have the most festivals in the country!! The berbs are ok and the ghetto is ghetto!! We are no different than most major cities! Look it up!! Seasons are always different and more enjoyable than the same...