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    What countries have YOU visited?

    Canada, Australia, Holland, Italy, Monaco, France, Croatia, England
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    I am a family physician myself. I am glad that oscardeuce has been piping in here as I've tended to become a lurker on these boards. However, I wanted to put a historical spin on this. Back before antibiotics and antiseptic technique, practically every surgical wound became infected. Doctors...
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    How 'bout them GIANTS!!!

    Originally Posted by Nano Reefer Who else is goin crazy? ...practically the entire state of Wisconsin! We're happy to have the giants come to town. :D
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    Astrowars anyone?

    I haven't played in over a year. While I really enjoyed the game, I'm not sure I really want to start up again (or if I would even be welcome again). I had seen that the game kept getting hacked into with multiple bugs. Did they every fix the bug problem? I wouldn't want to restart again if the...
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    Science Project: Solar Cooker (help)

    I used to be a beekeeper and I made a solar wax melter which worked very well. (I made over 40 pounds of pure beeswax until I ran out of old honeycomb). It was made with wood sides which had been painted black. I had a piece of plexiglass which sealed the top very well and kept the heat in. It...
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    Question about Christianity please!

    Part of the reason why so many different religious traditions all use the bible is that there are many different versions of the bible. Besides being viewed as important to Catholics, the books of the apocrypha are accepted as very important in the Jewish faith - the rationale behind the feast...
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    Do you believe in evolution?

    I haven't been on these boards for a while. I am encouraged to see an actual discussion here rather than simple religious preaching (which tends to make me feel sad for people who use narrow-minded religious beliefs for very non-religious purposes). IMO, evolution is the most important concept...
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    out of curiosity? any "real" Italians here?

    I'm 75% Italian. My dad's parents both came from San Martino and my Mom's father came from Senigallia. I've been over there once but my Italian is lousy.
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    History Question of the Day

    Treaty of Versailles - which also formed the ill-fated League of Nations.
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    I have one of the small oval biospheres. When I purchased this it had 5 shrimp and 2 snails (BTW they mentioned that the snails were not essential to the ecosystem). The two snails and 3 of the shrimp died fairly quickly. I was told when I bought it that the shrimp can live for 5 years. I have...
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    Is there a doctor in the house?

    Originally Posted by Oceanists would you agree that the majority of flu cases if left unattended more often than not will lead to sinus infection something that should not be left untreated because of the likeliness it would spread to the brain and kill the patient? Absolutely not. This...
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    Is there a doctor in the house?

    Hi Bang Guy! - Scarlet Fever is not the same as Rheumatic Fever. Scarlet fever is the typical rash whenever the skin is affected by strep (and was even described by Hippocrates). I treat scarlet fever with antibiotics as it is a sign of a generalized infection (rather than a simple localized...
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    Is there a doctor in the house?

    I'm a family physician with over 15 years experience. I also serve on our county's Board of Health. I haven't been very active on these boards for a while. IMO, antibiotics should NOT have been prescribed for a non-streptococcal pharyngitis/tonsillitis. IMO, this is an indication that your...
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    How bout them yankees?

    Originally Posted by lovethesea there is no "I" in team.......... ...but there is an "M" and an "E". The Yankees were really hurt by their lack of pitching. However, I have always been a Mets fan also (even through all the bad years) so I hope that the rest of New York sees which is the...
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    Any body from Minnesota?

    Originally Posted by FishyGurl o so your saying that when you buy your stuff from that it only takes like a day? is it really that quick? The orders are shipped FedEx. All fish, corals, invert orders are shipped overnight. If you watch the FedEx shipping, the orders are picked up in...