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    My Clown is Sick, Please Help!

    I would try paraguard by seachem. But you would need to treat in a separate tank. Is he still eatting? Do you have ich in your tank? Have you seen him scratching on rocks or sand? Good luck keep us posted.
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    BTA not happy

    Started to bleach due to the fluctuations of your tank. Once a nem bleach its almost impossible to get the color back. Keep a stable tank and feed it more if it will take. Hopefully the color will come back. Good luck.
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    Making an older clown accept a partner?

    I say your tank size is fine. If you really want to get another clown I would catch the solo one. Send him to the sump for a week or two. Let the new one explore and eat and get happy. The reintroduce and cross your fingers or fins. Good luck.
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    Deflated Anemone

    Or they just still adjusting to your tank. May take up to couple months. Deflating isn’t a bad thing. Deflating cycle for a ritteri anemone is death. What kind of anemone?
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    Dying Anemones

    Wow advice giving is not good. Many things could be going on. But first start out with how long your tank been setup. What is you water test reading. Your lights? And most important what kind of anemone? Anemone do very bad in shipping. I say 50% survivor rate. Hardy ones will do...
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    Are my Clownfish Pairing or fighting?

    Even with blackout clownfish remembers the other clown. It will continue to be aggressive. Take the aggressive one and swap and try again.
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    Is my clownfish okay?

    If it’s been two days and still aggression then I would trade one clown and try again. Same size clowns should pair up. Good luck