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    bristle worms

    are they good or bad for your tank? and how? I was talking with a marine biologist who said it was good to get rid of all of the bristle worms. Are they beneficiary or harmful? I had always though bebficiary but i dont know know.
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    Does this work

    I am planning a 30 gallon Tank (I consider that a nano tank) with 1 firefish goby 2 Blue chromnis 45 pounds live rock 2.5 inches sand Blue stripped mushroom coral 2 porcelin crabs 5 scarlet hermit crabs 3 cleaner clams 1 spiked Oyster 10 narcissus snails Every one ok with that I still havent...
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    she better keep that in her purse!
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    sounds good. how big does the longhorn get cuz they are my favorite
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    you got it right though I dont want an eel. want a boxfish of something
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    going with the two puffers thinking an eel though probably not.
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    Pets You Have

    5 guinea pigs. got two they had 5 babies gave one away and one died right away. he was the runt
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    Dumb question I know sorry

    you could always borrow someone elses. I couldnt get one until I used lioncrazz's and then I could attach pictures if you find them with the right size on the internet save them to my picters and attch them thats how I got my lastest. the achilles...
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    like the hawaiian blue spotted puffer? would I be able to put a butter fly in the 75
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    want a valentini puffer and a niger trigger. What would be the minimum for these two fish and would they work together?:happyfish
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    My 55g reef at 6 months

    very nice good job. I cant believe all of those clowns live together!:eek:
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    I meant blue fin pygmy instead but that one is on hold.
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    marksmagic is right! of course I am Irish