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    yellow tang

    Talk about a loaded question! Almost everyone will say no, you can't keep any tang in a 55g and have it be happy. I hate to disagree but I feel you can keep a yellow tang in a 55g and have it be not only happy but healthy. I have one in my tank that I have had for almost 3 yrs now. I can tell...
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    Am I In Trouble?????

    Cucumbers shed a sort of mucus coating and the shrimp are just eating that and other junk stuck on the cucumber. Won't hurt it at all.
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    Cuddle fish

    I have read that cuttlefish are very diffficult to keep, that they are cannibals, and that they need large tanks.
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    Anemones for the poor

    I agree that you don't need an anemone for your clowns. My false perc uses a large featherduster as her host. One other thing to consider too, DfishH, is that chocolate chip starfish in your tank, I believe they will eat anemones.....
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    pics of new lion

    Beautiful fish you have there! I'm not sure if it's a volitan or not. The webbing on the pectoral fins is longer on your fish than on my fishes (a volitan) fins. I'm sure Frank will be here soon to clear this up!:D
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    Question on possible SW feeder fish

    If you live near the ocean, you could always buy live saltwater bait fish or shrimp. They are cheap and of the right nutritional value.....BUT, as others have said, they will make your fish more aggressive and it will or can make them unwilling to eat frozen foods which (to me) are much easier...
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    This makes me sick

    That's horrible!! Even though your wanting to help them is commendable, it's better to pass them by. Let the store lose them, maybe they will stop buying them or at least maybe they'll try and learn something about the animals they sell. And you're probably right, they were most likely too far...
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    To add or not to add, does anybody have a lion fish in their reef tank?

    I have a volitan lionfish in a 90g tank. Even though I can't call this a reef tank, it did have some mushrooms and polyps in the tank. My lion has been trained to eat just about anything that hits the water. (Very greedy eater) Well, one day, one of the mushrooms broke off of the rock and...
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    OT. Aquariast Anonymous

    I don't have a problem like the rest of you. I only have six tanks right now, and only plan on another 4, maybe 5. So you see....I don't have a problem at all. Maybe 6 more.....but that's it.
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    Crinoids: Feather Star

    I couldn't say for sure, but maybe try some DT's...... Good luck!
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    I'm being invaded!

    I have heard that in large amounts they can be bothersome to some corals and clams. Don't know how true that is though.....mainly I think most people find them unsightly. To me if you can keep the population down to managable levels they're fine. They only add to the bio-diversity of your tank...
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    Posting some of my pics....

    Excellent photos!:D
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    MORE PICS!!!! Gimme some feedback!!

    I love your photos too! I thought I was the only one with a retarded clown does the same thing your angel does. I think it's a spiteful action too. Mine usually does it when I don't serve him his favorite for dinner!:D
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    I'm being invaded!

    My experience with planarians is limited. Even though I had some in my tank, it never got to plague proportions. My main way to remove them was manually siphoning them up with a gravel vac. I used a new clean toothbrush to get them off of the rocks and then sucked them up with the vac. Not real...
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    Bazar Fish....Wierd

    Yes, keep with the program but have you checked your nitrite and nitrate levels recently? High levels of either can cause fish to scratch too.