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    Are you having an uphill battle vs Aiptasia & Mojanos??

    From what I understand, the biggest difference between Joe's and A-X, is there's an ingrediant in A-X that tricks the aptasia into thinking it's "food", therefore getting the aptasia to more readily ingest it.
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    Brought Home The Bigger Setup Today!!

    I'm in Lorain (1/2 hour west of Cleveland right on the lake). Are you a member of CORA? I'll have to take some recent photos. The last batch is somewhat outdated.
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    My new reef

    Super nice tank. You may want to isolate the GSP's so they can't spread onto anything or over run all the nice frags and everything else you've got going on there. Star polyps are always great when you first get them, and then comes the day when you start cussing and wish you had never bought...
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    zoanthid colony with aptasia on it

    Either way is fine, but it will be easier to do with the rock out of the water. The zoos will not be harmed by being out of the water. Remember corals are out of water for extended periods of time during low tides. If it'll make you feel any better, you can always dunk them every couple minutes...
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    zoanthid colony with aptasia on it

    Originally Posted by natclanwy I agree, everyone has different results my Peppermints have made the aiptsia spread faster in my tank. The peppermints may have not been the answer for you, but they didn't have anything to do with the increase in population of the aptasia. You also have to be...
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    Brought Home The Bigger Setup Today!!

    Got any pics yet?
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    Brought Home The Bigger Setup Today!!

    I haven't been on this board in a long time. I was bored and decided to look up the old thread. I'd "love" to have a frag setup / station. It's hard growing them out in a main tank without something happening to them, especially with bigger fish and anemones. That, and the day after a frag swap...
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    Brought Home The Bigger Setup Today!!

    No, I've still got it. I just enjoyed all the work getting it going. I have plans on having a 200+ gallon tank, but the timing isn't right yet.
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    Brought Home The Bigger Setup Today!!

    Ah, the memories. Good times.....good times.
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    Hermie style standpipe anyone ever use them

    I've been using the Herbie method for years. I wouldn't set up a tank any other way. The "extensive" thread by it's originator in regards to this can be found on another website. PM or email me for the link, as I don't think I can post it here.
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    Engineer Goby and Rock Stabilization

    Some people drill holes through their rock, and then connect them using PVC pipe. Just an idea.
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    what is the most interesting thing to have appeared in your tank out of the live rock

    Originally Posted by wbradenpt had to put in refugium as it grew up, didn't want to find it drilling into something valuable. I had this exact same urchin show up. I still have him.
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    Inhabitants you wish you never bought?

    Damsels and xenia. Eventually I'm going to have to get rid of some of my rock to thin out the xenia.
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    Please Confirm before I kill it...

    Out of all the non livestock methods, I've had the best results with kalk paste.