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    I have some shroom/zoo rocks....
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    Elkhorn Monti Frags FS/FT

    I have some sps frags Im will to part with /trade...
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    LFS in New York?

    Clowns died. Im going to get the correct food and give it another try. Clowns laid eggs again last night..
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    LFS in New York?

    We order pizza, drink some beers, trade frags and talk about reef stuff..
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    LFS in New York?

    If anyone needs directions let me know.
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    brian question

    It should open up alot. They burn easy if under too much light. The tissue will start losing its color if this is happening. Does it open up at night? They tend to open up in the dark. As for feeding I feed mine monthly 2 to 3x mostly small peaces of cut up sclops because they are soft.