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    What to do with my sump ?

    Originally Posted by Scopus Tang Don't know how close your drawing is to the real thing, but if it is, your going to have some issues with water volume, as the chambers will only fill to the level of the bottom baffles. That said, I use the first chamber for LR, the second for Chaeto and...
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    Tank cover methods

    there is a clear plastic mesh stuff out there.. looks just like chicken wire, but its plastic (or plastic-like) and clear.. Has the same hole spacing as chicken wire.. Not sure of the exact name, but it works very well, and allows more light to go through then the egg crate while doing the same...
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    what are the benefits of live brine shrimp over frozen if any?

    the frozen brine has additives.. not sure what the additives are, but if you notice in the frozen cubes, there is frozen liquid.. its obviously not brine juice.. some people make claims that the added liquid increases phosphates in their system..
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    Help maintaining canister filter

    install sump/refugium and remove the canister filter from the tank.. the canister can be kept for water polishing but usually isnt needed as long as your parameters are in check.. a nice sand bed and live rock in a refugium will be far more beneficial to the setup and involves less maintenance..
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    Coolest QT idea

    you are better off running copper in the QT imo.. if you did have a shrimp or two in there to take care of the fish - or keep them company - you would have to keep removing them when the quarantine time is over as you will want to do a 100% water change on the QT.. jmo
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    Sump or Fuge?

    Originally Posted by MichaelTX both actually if you have a larg enough area to get a 2 in one setup. if you have to choose one or the other I would go refugium so that you can add rock rubble and macro algaes that will increase the water quality. mike the macro algaes will not only improve...
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    Mandarin Dragonette

    since it is already eating prepared food, wrap some mysis or even cyclopeeze in nori leaves and place at the bottom of the tank.. This will ensure that it has food pretty much all day long... They love to eat non-stop.. He will be fat as a cow in no time!
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    what kind of soap?

    just be sure to rinse well, then rinse again and you should be fine..
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    Originally Posted by novahobbies Did I see a pair of bubble tip anemones in there? If I may ask, were those regular bulb tip or rose? Reason is, I want a bulb-tip anemone to pair with my maroon, but the rose (which of course looks the best) is also the priciest. If the standard bulb anemone...
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    Pick One

    imo a 75 is too small for a tang.. they love to have room to swim around alot
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    Filter question

    a true freedom filter = live rock in a refugium! virtually maintenance free! and 100% biological filtration! and a home for many amphipods. copepods, and others critters to breed and spread to the main tank..
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    MODS: We need a sticky entitled "Tiny bugs on glass"...

    i would have more, if i would stay active and remember my password, lol cant even seem to remember my previous names on here.. even tried by email.. perhaps they cleared out some non-active names, i dunno.. nice signature btw ;) lol
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    MODS: We need a sticky entitled "Tiny bugs on glass"...

    Originally Posted by MichaelTX better yet if one of you guys want to do a write up on these apon the reveiw of the mods it could be added to the archives then you can point people towards your write up on the subject. whatcha say? Mike i say that this is how you got your 9000+ posts...
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    how to fix a leaky tank

    like said above, but i have found with the many tanks i have resealed that it is much easier to use a plastic spoon to "push" the silicone sealant into the corners.. it also gives that "fresh from factory" look, and you wont even be able to tell it wasnt from the factory! (unless you are sloppy...
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    sorry.. seems like i burned out a chip or something on my camera.. no funds to buy a new one - donations welcome of course it has to happen near summertime, when people take the most pictures (playing with kids outside, etc.).. oh yea.. and i barely tapped my truck's passenger window today and...