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    Lighting upgrade

    Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Limpid Look into the fixtures at Reef Breeders, you cant beat the price. Sweatervest13 has these fixture. Thanks for the info, I wil check them out.
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    Lighting upgrade

    Hello all, I have a 50 gallon acrylic tank, it's been established for about 10 years. Currently have 36 inch compact flourescent bulbs, one 10K and one 50/50, both 65 watts. Currently the only inhabitants in the tank is about 50 lbs. of live rock, about a 2 to 3 inch sand bed and about a dozen...
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    naughty mandarins rated-R

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    detrivore kits

    Ok, I know it's an old thread...
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    detrivore kits

    bump and Has anyone done this with a FOWLR? :notsure: :thinking:
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    Question for the Gals...

    hmmhmm, excuse me ladies, I'm not 100% sure of witch supplement aids in the growth of nails but I think it's Folic Acid. Found in most dailey vitamins. HTH :thinking:
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    SO who's all going to go see the big ape next week?

    When I first heard that they were redoing King Kong I thought that I would go see it in the theater but now I'm thinking that I'll just wait till it comes out on DVD and watch it on my 52" ***)
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    Need ideas on placing rocks

    Originally Posted by ezjp Looks fine to me My thoughts exactly.
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    detrivore kits

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    detrivore kits

    NM did you ever follow thru with your plans?? I'm working over the idea if I want to do this myself or not and have a question about acclimation. I have a FOWLR and don't want to get one of these kits just to have instant, expensive fish food. Does keeping the lights off for 24 hrs really help...
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    Can I just say "I LOVE MY TANK!!"

    That's got to be a pretty big hermit crab to be lugging that trochus shell around. Nice pics
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    New Acylic Tank Bulging at center

    My 50 gal. acrylic bows in the front. Maybe just as much as your 500 gal. I don't know exactly but the acrylic is no more than 2/8" thick. The top is a solid, routed piece. It's been holding water for a long time. I've had it for about 3 1/2 years and my brother-in-law had it before that. I say...
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    Coralline light requirements

    I have 2x96. One 10K and one actinic 03. I put the first 20 lb.s of LR in tword the end of August. (I have a 50 gal.) I didn't see much growth, but about two weeks ago I started using PurpleUp and I am seeing a quicker change now. Don't people say that you've got to wait 6 months before you see...
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    Bought a new Cleaner shrimp Yesterday

    Coral Beauty
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    Bought a new Cleaner shrimp Yesterday

    My cleaner shrimp doesn't clean my maroon clown, not that I've seen anyway but does clean my cromis and the two tangs that I have. I feed it flakes and it will also go after frozen brine/mysis sometimes. They molt alot. Like once a month.