I'm a 4th year medical student, who will be graduating in May 2016. I will be starting my training as a Emergency Medicine Resident Physician this June. After that, I will practice as an Emergency physician, or enter into a Toxicology, Administration, Pediatrics, or EMS/Disaster Medicine Fellowship program. In July 2016, I should finally be settled in a single location and able to set up a saltwater aquarium. I kept a 37g and 75g aquariums when I was younger, but had to give them up when I was 14. I used to be a member on here, and my username was xabxam. I'll spend the intervening time learning the best ways to set up a relatively 'affordable' and 'easily' manageable system.
Apr 28, 1990 (Age: 34)
4th year medical Student


I currently have no aquariums, but I used to keep a 37g and 75g saltwater aquariums. I can't wait to get back into the hobby!


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