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    My Puffer has gone insane

    Originally Posted by coffeejunkie33 I have seen him do this before just never so harshly. They do have a lot of personality much like a dog but in water. The only thing that concerns me now is he's not eating. It's been two days now and he's still attacking the glass. What is his diet like...
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    My Puffer has gone insane

    This is normal, Puffers have so much personality. Mine chases his reflection in the glass, bites the rocks and swims around the powerhead all the time for hours. I think your fine.
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    HOW-TO: Relocating/Moving Your Tank

    So i finished my move, took alittle over 8 hours, We merged a 55 and 46 into a 75 and took down the other 2. I bought a dust pan "plastic" and used that to scope the sand perfectly flat so i didn't disturb it. We completed the move two days ago and everything is going good. One issue we ran into...
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    HOW-TO: Relocating/Moving Your Tank

    How can i move the sand from my 46 to my new 75 without causing spikes? What would be the steps?
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    Clown Fish in Trouble

    Yea they are more like discolored portions of his skin. But he has been perfectly find for 3 months until last week. I did a partial water change just now. I can't medicate this tank as my Choco Star is in this one. :(
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    Clown Fish in Trouble

    That is his color since i got him. I have a QT but there is a hermit crab in there atm about the size of a baseball and if he swims to close to the bottom he is a goner.
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    Clown Fish in Trouble

    Hello, I purchased a Marroon Clown about 3 Months ago. We'll now for the last week or so he won't eat. I can't figure this out because if he didn't eat for a week he would be dead, But now he is starting to sit on the bottom and do nothing. Para: A = 0 PH = 8.3 Nitrate = 20 Nitrite = 0 SL = .25...
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    New Choco Chip Star for Bitten

    Originally Posted by ophiura If water parameters are ideal, it should not be a problem. Please post your parameters. But if I recall you have a very large hermit...and a puffer? I may not remember correctly. If so, however, these are not remotely compatible with the star and ultimately the...
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    New Choco Chip Star for Bitten

    Hello, I finally got my Choco Star i always wanted and today when i went to my tank to see the little guy i find a hermit crab latched on trying to bite him. After i moved him off i notice 2 scratches of sorts on him and one of his little tentacles broken off and stuck on the glass. I'm not...
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    omg!!! please help me asap!!!!!!!

    Originally Posted by sharkbait09 aquar pharmaceuticla? strees coat + tap water condishoner? it says removes ammonia? thanx!!! I would do the stress coat and something called StressZyme to replace the bacteria cultures :) This happen to me where it stayed cloudy for a week.
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    New 55 Gallon Tank Questions

    Hello, Great idea for a Saltwater Tank. The 55 Sounds good for a starter, to be honest you can get a whole setup on C-List for half your budget with stand,tank,hood and filter. I would most likely start there. If you need a protein skimmer i have an extra i can mail you. One thing i can say is...
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    Just bought a Dog face Puffer

    Originally Posted by juniors04 Going to throw him in my QT tank. I hope he does well. Great buy, Mine is the best fishy i got. Such personality
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    Teamwork. Nasty, but a good team.

    SW version of Mortal Kombat :) His finisher is stealing the shell
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    Bored-A few pictures

    Nice T :) Me was bored also! This is my new clown, Do you think he is healthy?Never had one before so not sure but he is eating :) My Hermit Crab - Itchy His Sidekick - Slowpoke My New Snowflake Eel - Never had one of these either but he is eating to :) Enjoy
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    Damsel and other fish

    I just gave back a domino and 3 striped to my lfs as i had them for about 4 months and they doubled in size. The reason for me giving these two back because both of the meanies bite me and i started to bleed. But i have 2 other 3 striped that get along fine. and a velvet damsel which is nice to...