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    How deep does an ASM G2 need to sit in the water?

    i have mine sitting in a 55 gsallon sump up to the oring where the cup attches works great there
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    bulb help?

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    bulb help?

    i am running 2 250 watt 14,000k bulbs now looking to chage to 20,000k will this make my sps pop like there under a black light.if you have pics please post thanks jeremy
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    wtb 48" t5s or pc light fixture

    looking to buy 48 inch t5 or power compact light fixure please pm with the price with shipping and what you have thanks jeremy
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    where to buy sundail snails?

    will joes juice work if not what do i mix lemon jucie and kalk together waht will it do to water,and other sps corals
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    where to buy sundail snails?

    looking to get rid of my ugly zoos i have growing do not want to rip apart my whole i heard Sundial snail (Heliacus Areola) will do the trick where do i buy them? .or if you have other way 2 get rid of them with out ripping apart my tank please post thanks jeremy
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    what pump?

    got a used CPR Aquafuge 2 Medium Hang-On Refugium but it didnt come with a pump looked all over online cant find an answer what size ma jet pump goes on this? its going on a 40 gallon breeder set up thanks jeremy
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    lighting help please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    heat and cost of running is killing me,will t5 work of sps only?
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    lighting help please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have 120 gallon sps only tank with 2 250 watt mhs and 4 t5s now.looking to switch to 8 bulb tek t5 fixure what will the effect on my sps be?i will i get better results the t5s thanks jeremy
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    EcoSystem Pro 60 Hang-On-Back Refugium ( Pictures) FOR SALE

    what shipping cost to 11953 ny thanks
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    does anybody use Xenia in your sump?

    can you use Xenia in a sump to replace mirco algae. give me some pro and cons of using Xenia in the sump. thanks for all your help jeremy
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    what would you use?

    set up my new 65 gallon tank have 5 inch sand bed,return pump ect,looking to keep acans zoos and some lps only.the tank is 48x18x20.looking for a light fixure so please vote on the poll for me thanks
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    xm 250 watt bulbs

    i have 5 brand new xm 10,000k 250 watt mogel base bulbs in box never used factory sealed up for sale if you need any 75.00 each shipped or 300.00 for all 5 shipped pm if you need any thanks jeremy
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    i was talking about other boards this one is the nicest one by far so any ways how are your fish doing? mine are great becuz they dont talk back
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    queens or long island area reefers?

    sps and some zoos