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    Naso tang turned black

    Hi, I just introduced my naso to the main aquarium after 4 weeks in isolation. He does change color due to stress, so when they feel comfortable mine anyways turns back to grey, the main body that is. When I was acclimating him, I am sure he was nervous as I moved him into a container and he...
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    Fish selection suggestions

    I have a queen angel and 2 moony angels, dragonet, clown, gobie, psuedo chromis and just introduced a Naso tang. The only fish which gave me an issue was the psuedo chromis being agressive. After adding the tang, the queen accepted that fish with no hostility, but instead with a fin wave and...
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    Sugar dosing experience

    Ok, update on the sugar dosing, it worked and brought my nitrates below 10 ppm. So I cut back on the sugar to 1 teaspoon every few days. The only side affect I witnessed was a stringy slime hanging off the returns when I increased the dose, then afterwards it stopped as I speculate it was excess...
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    Been there done that, will not do that again with live sand and dead rock.

    Been there done that, will not do that again with live sand and dead rock.
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    Dying Anemones

    I agree your tank needs more and different types of bacteria in it, that takes time for that to grow and obviously the other water parameters must be met also to have success. Patience is a major factor in reefing and everybody makes mistakes, so do research and ask questions. I've been doing it...
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    Please identify

    Need a better picture...
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    Whats going on with my anemone?? HELP ASAP

    Looks to me as the picture is blurry that it wrapped itself up ? I know mine does that too, but they usually open back up and inflate when day light returns I have noticed. How long have you had it and how old is your tank ?
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    Dying Anemones

    I have a condy, and a green bta and 3 rock A's and the hardest one to please is the condy... It took awhile for it to place its foot, while the gbt latched right on.... the rock ones latched on also and look like they are imbedded to the rock... I waited 6 months before getting them though.
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    HOB Protein Skimmer and HOB filter

    How much rock do u have, because the rock is the main filter ? How old is your tank ?
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    Tank cycle

    I agree no water change as you want those bacteria to keep building, I never do water changes as it is too much work and costs to much money. The only water change I perform is in the isolation tank...
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    Sugar dosing experience

    I recently started sugar dosing due to the nitates staying at 25ppm. My tank is several months old and I have cheato and other macro algae in the sump. This is not removing the nitrates as fast people have claimed so I wanted to use an alternative solution. I read it all on different forums...