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    Halides for nano... question on which

    I have it on my 14 gallon aquapod. it does perfect :)
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    Flame Angel in 25?

    well perhaps mine isnt the most typical but i saved my flame from someone he was large at the time for a dwarf and i put him in my 14 gallon aquapod TONS of rockwork for him to cruise through hes been alive and happy for two years. I still plan on gettin a 28 nanocube hqi i know that this isnt...
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    Halides for nano... question on which

    I reccomend the new k2 viper with the gigantic fan on it. AMAZING for me so far. over a year actually puts the temp a little lower for me than whenits on like halfa degree.
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    28 Gallon JBJ NANOCUBE HQI *IM back here again :)*

    Well its been a while since i have posted anything. I have a 14 gallon aquapod that i bought k2 viper metal halide for. and i know i have enough lighting for anything in there. but the chambers are so tiny and my hands SO BIG that i cannot creat the proper refugium in the back plus the k2 sits...
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    Flasher Wrasse maybe sick?

    Well I have a beautiful flasher wrasse in my tank and he seems to be doing well for the most part but for the last couple days hes been hanging out at the water line a lot just in the same spot still swimming fine he ate this morning but didnt eat just right now. He doesnt have any noticeable...
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    New 150 K-2 Viper for my 14 Gallon :)

    well its the new one with the fan on it so it dissipates pretty much all the heat tank stays around 76 degrees
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    New 150 K-2 Viper for my 14 Gallon :)

    How far away from the top should my new MH 150w be from the water surface stock its about 12-16 inches i think maybe less from the water surface only been on two days was hard to attach from the back so i was thinking of using a board behind the tank so it can be closer to the water surface...
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    will led light work to keep chaeto alivv

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    The Queen is in

    I just recently purchased 2 queen triggers. (they are really hard to get around here so I got 2 just in case one didn't make the shipping) One is in quarentine right now with ich well actully all the ich is gone now but I am leaving her there. ( I will say that I didn't treat the ich at all it...
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    90G Trigger Tank

    I vote Niger or Picaso. They don't get as big as some of the others.
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    Eel selction pole

    I have a jeweled eel in my 90. He doesn't bother the big fish or the crabs, but he will eat feeders and he doesn't let the triggers boss him around. He is always active and hungry. He will come right up to the top of the tank to eat with the triggers. He has scared me a few times I thought he...
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    Treating Ich with Inverts

    So is there any good way to treat ich in a tank that has inverts? Say if your whole DT comes down with ich and there is no way to quarantine everything? Just a question I don't have ich but I have been reading about it and it seems that there really isn't a way to do it.
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    Queen Triggers

    They have been in the same tank since tuesday. They are actually in there with several crabs that they have not bothered. I am worried though that they might get ich or something from the stress of being together. They actually stick pretty close to each other and aren't to aggressive yet. I am...
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    Queen Triggers

    Well I finally got the queen triggers I have always wanted. The bad part is I ordered what I thought would be 3-4 inch and I got 5-7 inch. They are huge. They are eating great and aggressive as ever. The problem is I have 2 and the tank the other one is supposed to go into the stand broke and I...