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    another nuissance algae...

    Wow, great article. Thanks a lot. Since I just did a wc yesterday, they're not looking too bad right now... I'll get something to start raising the ph and keep manually sucking out what I can get to and I'll see if that takes care of the issue.
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    another nuissance algae...

    It's not cyano, I've had lots of experience with that before. It looks just like the dino picture. I knew I'd seen that here before and just couldn't remember the name! Any specific cure for it, or just the normal lots of water changes and keep nutrients down?
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    another nuissance algae...

    i've spent the last half hour searching through "nuissance algae" posts and can't seem to find what i'm looking for. i know i've seen pictures of this algae on here before, but don't remember where or when. i'm getting a brown algae with bubbles spreading over my sand first, then to rocks...
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    Adding LR to an already cuycled tank, how?

    I did this a few months ago and actually bought uncured live rock. It was beautiful but had tons of dieoff. I let it cure for about 2 weeks in a separate tub and changed the water maybe twice throughout that time (to help with the stench). I don't think it was completely finished curing, but...
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    want to try SPS, Have a question?

    I've had a pink birdsnest (it's an ORA pink birdsnest from this site) for 2 months in my 55 under T5's and it has about 20 new branches starting to grow off the tips. It's about half way up in the tank and honestly, I don't think I've done more than one water change since I put it in. I...
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    Why do all my new fish keep Dieing?

    I agree that if it's a newer setup it just may not be stable yet. I lost literally everything (fish, shrimp, crabs, stars, everything) that I tried to put into mine for the first year or so... it wasn't always right away, a lot of them lived for a month or two or three then would die. But this...
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    saltwater superstore

    Those ASM skimmers are really nice. I've had the G1 on my 55 and it sucks out a full cup of junk every week. Looks like they've got TONS of new equipment! I don't, however, recommend that honeycomb back rock unless you're using it for actual base rock (covered in lots of live rock and buried...
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    How to tell if a condy anenomie is dead???!

    Some nems are shipped without water... he could still be alive. If you have another small tank you could drop it into, it might be worth trying. And it'll make a good story if you can say your anemone was in the trash and lived to tell about it
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    Crabs versus Snails

    I've never seen my emeralds or porcelains touch a snail. I have one huge emerald and 3 other smaller ones and have had several porcelains. They're both really cool to watch. Especially the porcelains.
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    The 'How to Pronounce' Thread...

    You wouldn't believe how helpful this is for those of us who live in the po-dunk hills of the middle of nowhere. I literally have nobody who's ever heard most of these words before, let alone know how to pronounce them. No fish stores, no other local reefers, no nothing. Keep 'em coming!
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    my skimmer isnt doing anything...

    If there are no bubbles, do you have an airline run from the pump to outside of the water to suck in air? Just a thought. Or sometimes, if that line falls in the water it can take a while for air to run through it again. Or worse yet, it can get stopped up with dry salt. It should bubble in...
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    Dark red Algae?

    From the pics it looks like cyano... but if you say it's hard like the rocks, I'm not sure what it could be. The cyano would brush off or blow away if you tried to clean it. So, here's a bump for someone else who may know more.
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    What is feeding my CYANO!!!!

    I've been battling cyano off and on since i started my tank almost 2 years ago. Once I switched to RO/DI water, everything has gotten much better. But so far, the best success I've had is adding 10 turbo snails that I got from this site. They've been in there about 3 weeks and there's still...
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    Water Evaporation

    My 55 is also losing 1-2 gal/day this winter and I'm in PA. I know it wasn't as much in the summer (maybe 1/2 gal/day), but I have more lighting on it now than I did this past summer... so I'll have to wait & see how much I can contribute to weather.
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    Tons Of Free Equipment!!!

    He hasn't logged in since the 16th and that was the last time he answered. I wouldn't worry all that much about it just yet. If it works out, great. If not, big deal. He could just be busy. Things happen.