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    Originally Posted by corky I always liked this site. Enough traffic but not too much. I've seen many people come and go. This site has changed very much over the years with most changes being for the good. However, this last change seems to be more of a money driven change than one built on...
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    Originally Posted by MichaelTX That is not the way its going to work you can list an item for sale for free but at the sale of the item there is a 5% fee to Here is a quote from the message at the top of this forum. BTW its less than the current tax rate for most people...
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    This is whack... have to pay to post an item... Not gonna use this site thats for sure.
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    FS:~~~~40g Cube Setup, Stamford CT~~~~

    40 Gallon Setup: $500 -40 Gallon Glass Tank, back painted Black -Nice woden Stand, painted brown/ inside black -Canopy, painted brown/ inside black -External Overflow -HOB Aqua-C Remora Skimmer (with upgraded mag pump) -Dual MH setup Retrofit (dual ballast, two reflectors, looks brand new, and...
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    FS:~~~~NEW 57watt UV~~~~

    NEW Aqua Classic 57watt UV sterilizer: I have original box, instructions and everything. I bought this, opened the box, assembled it, but never hooked it up to the tank... All it needs is a pump and hosing. $340 Shipped
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    fish for sale

    pm sent
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    New Auction Site

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    Chevron Tang f/s

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    FoamBack Project 101

    awesome tanks!
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    reconstruction of my tank

    awesome tank!
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    Duncans Galore....

    I am wondering the same too. thanks for posting for me :)
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    Need answer today please on lights for 210.

    I personally have the constellation t-5 fixture for my 210 gallon tank and i LOVE it... it is truely an awesome light.. Dont have to worry about heat, and can keep sps, lps, and softies... I am keeping softies and lps mainly so i would highly recommend this fixture
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    My Pair!

    Originally Posted by ophthos Noob question: what do the gobby and the shrimp do together? eachother! lol jk.. idk but they're awesome looking
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    Chevron Tang f/s

    is it still for sale? I am still interested.
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    Chevron Tang f/s

    He still hasnt sent me a picture...