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    is it aiptasia?

    I tried peppermint shrimp, they all disappeared in a couple days.
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    Hair algae is coming more and more

    I have a huge hair algae problem in my AP24. Water changes are not doing any good. Oddly enough though, it started about the time I started using the local dealers pre-mixed water. Before I was using their RO/DO water and mixing my own salt. Hmmm, maybe that is my problem, but maybe not. For...
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    Coral Banded Shrimp question

    I have at least 30 - 50 bristleworms in my 24 Aquapod. They multiply like crazy. I trap them once in awhile to keep them down.
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    What type of star is this?

    I just lost a beautiful purple fire fish. I think my red legged crab got that one. I would like to get the brittle star out. I rarely see it though. The crab is going back to the fish store. He has done in all but one snail and the other two crabs. That one is black and tan..
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    What type of star is this?

    What type of star is this? Started out very small, but is growing pretty fast.
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    Very cool indeed....

    My Perc's laid eggs and they hatched.. I have about 4 or 5 swimming in the tank and they are growing. There are tons of places for them to hide and they do.
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    Anyone ever use Coral Frenzy?

    How about Phyto Feast? Anyone use that?
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    A few pics of things in my 24 Aquapod...

    Here is one from about a month ago..
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    A few pics of things in my 24 Aquapod...

    That last pic is Sargassum and it just started growing out of the rock. I am a professional photographer and the photos were shot with a Nikon D2X and 105mm micro lens.
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    A few pics of things in my 24 Aquapod...

    Here are a few pics from my tank..
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    What could this be??

    This started growing out of one of the rocks, anyone know what it is?
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    Post Pics Of Your Clownfish

    Here are mine...
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    Looking for a Purple Fish

    I would agree you are probably at the bio load that tank can support. A Purple Firefish is awesome.. I have one in my AP 24. I have two false percs also and that is it except for my cleaning crew.
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    Can I mix clowns?

    Don't mix clowns... You will most likely end up with one or both dead.
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    Can I support an anenome?

    The clowns will host in a Hammer coral too!!