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    Help...Want to start from scratch....

    I have been running a 75gal for 3 years now and we are in the process of finishing our basement. Almost finished with the wiring and framing and just decided that it might be a good idea to do an "In the wall" set up with access to the tank in the unfinished portion of the basement. I am...
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    Skimmer help?

    I set up my skimmer and I don't think I am getting enough air through the venturi valve. If I blow on the open end of the air tube it starts to skim, but once I stop blowing, no skimming. Does anyone connect small air pumps to their skimmers?? Any ideas? Thanks!!
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    Help...need to fix these parameters! Soft corals looking bad...

    I'm using C balance....and the B bottle says liquid alkalinity so I added some. I also completed a water change and threw in a tbsp of baking soda. My tank was doing so well for so long I got cocky and stopped testing and got lazy on the water changes. Lesson learned..preventative maintainence...
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    Help...need to fix these parameters! Soft corals looking bad...

    What is the best way to get my system back to normal....everything has been humming along quite well for about 1.5 years now. I've gotten a little lazy with water changes and low and behold I'm starting to have problems. Soft coral button polyps and mushroom corals starting to not look as good...
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    Cyano? Diatoms? Help! See pic.

    Have own R/O system and have changed filters recently.....3 weeks ago. Lights are now off! THANK YOU for the link!!!! I will follow that step by step and will update on progress.....I thought my lights were only on 10 hours a day and I checked and they are set for 12 hours a day! I think...
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    Cyano? Diatoms? Help! See pic.

    Just scraped the glass clean....but it will come back in a few's some more pics...close ups and look at the algae infested powerhead!
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    Cyano? Diatoms? Help! See pic.

    I don't know if this is Cyano, Diatoms, but it is a pain!!! I've also recently started getting some green hair algae which you can see in the top middle right where my middle powerhead is blowing. I've got 3 powerheads (one in the left corner, middle and right corner all blowing towards the...
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    Tang compatibility? recommendations?

    What other tangs will co-exist with my yellow tang. I would really like to get either a Blue Hippo ro Naso tang. Will they get along? Also, I saw on a chart that a bicolor pseudochromis will not get along w/basslets. Anyone had luck with a pseudochromis and chalk bass? Have a 75gal 70lbs of...
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    IOTM: Seastars Part I

    This critter seems to be extremely easy to take care of. Every time I feed he comes out for the food and I drop shrimp pellets which he eats very quickly. He is growing by leaps and bounds - at least has doubled in size in the last 8 months. I have him in with a yellow tang, sand sifting...
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    How long does it take for "dead rock" to.........

    I have about a 3inch sand bed and had serious problems w/Cyano algae (water tested and ZERO phosphates). It was really an eyesore. Bought a Valencia Sandsifting goby and the tank has never looked better. I know the article says no sandsifters, but I'm doing ok so far.
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    How am I doing? Any Suggestions?

    I thought that pistols didn't pair up w/sandsifters.......will they? That would be awesome.....My Valencia goby is very active and out a lot, if he were paired up would he hide more? That would be my main concern. Do I really have to get rid of the brittle star?
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    How am I doing? Any Suggestions?

    Thank you all for the replies: The lighting: 220watt Power Compact 1/2 Actinic 1/2 white.....oh and the green thing is lettuce for the tang.....he loves that stuff! Yes I do have a few sponges on some rock......I will have to get rid of the green brittle star??? I've never heard of them...
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    How am I doing? Any Suggestions?

    Here are some more pics...Riccordia doing great! Its splitting into two. Found out that I should not get the scooter blenny after reading these posts....but he's doing great - eating all kinds of frozen foods. 6 line wrasse is awesome.
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    How am I doing? Any Suggestions?

    75 the sand sifting rid of all my cyano on the substrate.
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    Best Fish Purchase yet! No more Cyano

    Had problems w/Cyano on my substrate. Had water tested...everything perfect - ZERO phosphates. Bought a Valencia Goby (Sandsifting) on Saturday. There is absolutely no Cyano on the substrate anymore! That guy takes huge mouthfulls of sand, sifts it through his gills and appears to be doing...