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    Power to be turned off...what to do?

    Thank you!
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    Power to be turned off...what to do?

    Our city's DWP informed us that they will be turning off all power next Monday b/t 9am to 4pm. I have a 50g reef tank. With that amount of time I think it probably will hurt my system. Am I right? If so, what do you recommend?
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    A Million Devil Damsel EGGS AHHH

    Originally Posted by ZappBrannigan actually i have one all blue damsel he doesnt really bother my other fish. he got stung by my anemone really seriously and his whole right side dropped off all the skin and was bleeding, i thought it would die for sure, but it healed and now has just a small...
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    SWF you remember?

    I remember reading that a while ago, but I can't find it in the search.
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    My Reef.. Enjoy

    Originally Posted by Clown4Life More. Cap I'll take a frag please! :)
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    new Ricordea order! Now what about their foot?

    Sweet thanks!
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    new Ricordea order! Now what about their foot?

    I got a bunch of unattached rics in a packet I recently purchased. I placed them in a tupperware on top of some rubble to allow the foot to attached. About an hour later I go back to check on them and they have managed to ride a wave and went all over my tank! Anyway, I placed them back into...
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    My Purple and Blue Hornets

    Originally Posted by NaNo-NeWb1983 Long overdue pic of my Purple Hornets: They are def beautiful! I rank these up with AOG's for my favs :)
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    picture of the new addition!

    Actually, your tank in general is incredibly nice! I like the aquasculpture and how you have placed your corals. Very nice!
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    why is my green favia turning red?

    I just saw this...I would move it to a less sunny spot in your tank and see how it reacts. Maybe it is getting a tan!
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    T5 vs MH lighting

    It maybe this site doesn't allow links...ill pm you and please let me know what you think
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    T5 vs MH lighting

    Would this work?
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    Everything turning RED??

    I have the same thing going, but I was under the impression that it was red slime and a flow issue.
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    T5 vs MH lighting

    Heat would be an issue with my tank as the lights will go on a closed canopy. The more I think of it, the canopy would put the lights pretty close to the water so MH is prob out of the question. Im not looking to do easier to medium corals so sps is out (I always get confused w sps and lps)...
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    T5 vs MH lighting

    Im cool with softies....pretty much medium to easy to care for corals. you have the T5's in there to enhance the colors?