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    Pics of old tank

    Originally Posted by slademan you also have tons of aiptasia i would get rid of it before investing in more coral what's a good way to get rid of it?
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    Should or Shouldn't???

    about two months ago we had to take down my forty gallon tank because the protien skimmer overflowing and one day the water ran down a wire and into the electrical outlet and almost caught on fire. We emptied it and put all my corals and fish to a local fish store. I'm missing my tank and want...
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    Hair alage is starting to become a big factor of taking over my tank. I went to Atlantis Aquariums and they told me to put some Phosgaurd in my protien skimmer. It's still growing and it's been a few days. Any other suggestions on getting rid of it? Please respond!
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    Hair Alage

    For about a month, I've been having this green hair alage growing on my rocks and some on the sand. I haven't tested my water in a while, but I'm sure its pretty good. any suggestions? Below are some pictures of what it looks like.
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    yellow tang

    Originally Posted by m0nk He's likely going to get rather territorial in there (too small of a tank for that type of fish, imo), so just be sure there aren't any inhabitants that are already territorial or they'll fight quite a bit. Also, make sure you have plenty of well established live rock...
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    Pics of old tank

    Originally Posted by bjoe23 We woo! ya, is the tang out now? Yes it is
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    Mean fish

    I bought 4 turbo snails and i put them in my tank and all of a sudden my clown and dottyback started picking on them. The snails aren't even budging now. Please help!
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    brown alage

    from 7am to 8pm
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    brown alage

    i set up a new tank around christmas, 40 gallon, and now this brown alage is forming on the sand and on the rocks. Some of it's even green! My water qualities are fine. I have a dottyback, marron clown, marine beta, purple tip anemone, and a pagoda. please help!
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    Nice fish, very expensive.

    outstanding fish dude!
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    My New Blenny

    i love those types of blennys too! When i was in north carolina i saw two mating i think! sorry for the death in the family!
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    Pics of old tank

    i just started setting up my 40 gallon so here are some pics of my old 24 gallon
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    Updated pictures of tank

    A little blurry but still looks good!